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Disgaea Figures Gotto!


As I posted in the original, I gave in and bought the figures plus a prinny plush. So was it worth the $60? Will this purchase somehow make the Disgaea anime better!?

First thing I noticed was that Japanese people really love their packaging. The first box I ran into (besides the one that the figures shipped in) was this discreet white box. Pretty cool! Since I’m a packrat, I’ll have to keep the box in perfect shape, or at least near-mint…

After opening the box, I came across eight more boxes! Yep, each figure lives in its own container. The packaging is actually really nice for something that’s supposed to be sold in a set. Or are they planning on selling these figures seperately later on?

Seriously, this box art looks good. It’s a shame that I’ll just keep these mini boxes inside the big box, never to be seen by human eyes again…

Inside those mini-boxes live a clear plastic display case and a black bag. I guess this is so you’ll be surprised when you actually figure out which figure you get. The plastic displays are a nice touch. You see the lego-ish circles on top? That’s so you can stack the figures.

Inside the black bag is yet another clear bag. The first figure I opened was the female fighter. This is the character class that doesn’t use weapons, so I guess it was fitting that she was unarmed when I found her. Get it? Unarmed? Ha! Actually, she came with a sword. I have no idea why, since her hands can’t hold any weapons… I ended up giving the sword to Laharl. He’s dual-wielding a drill and a sword.

Here’s all of the figures, stacked. The secret one was Pram. She looks kinda preggers to me… I believe the secret figure for the other set is Marone, but that’s just a guess.

Finally, here’s the giant (compared to the figures) prinny plushie that I got. Dood! He’s even got a working pouch! Good for storing overlords.

So was my purchase worth $60? Yeah, I guess so. I really like Nippon Ichi, so I think of this as helping fund their games and whatnot. Plus maybe I can put it on my resume if I tried working there! Okay, maybe not. I will admit that these figures have gotten me really pumped for Disgaea 2, and I’ve been watching the anime in preparation! Yeah… I’m a nerd.


  1. The Prinny is nice. By $60 you are referring to US dollar right?

    Non-disgaea people will see your prinny and go “Hey, why did you buy such an ugly penguin?”

  2. Yeah, the figures were initially sold seperately as Palm Characters ver2, individual packaging is staple Trading Figure packaging.

  3. Yep, $60. The funny part about the box set is that the packaging was specifically made for Nippon Ichi America, so I dunno why they were all seperate like that. It did make it funner to open and find out which figure I got though…

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  5. Hey I konw this is a late late reply. But I gotta say I got these but not from the website :/ I got it from ebay, 14 >>all without marona or Pram

  6. The warrior comes with a sword and no holes for it, just like Flonne comes with a hole for a tail and no tail. ^-^; Mix an match, j0!

  7. Whoa! Flonne does have a tail hole! I never noticed that. WTH is that for anyway?

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