Gmail for Mobile Phones!

Gmail just launched Gmail Mobile, which is a way to connect to Gmail using the browser built-in to your mobile phone (you have one, right?)! I just tried it and it’s pretty awesome compared to some other mobile email sites. Now I’ll never be without spam to read! Thanks Google!

Gmail Mobile

Gmail Mobile
Now you can access your Gmail account from your mobile phone or device. Just point your phone’s web browser to
Your Gmail account stays synched, whether you access it from the web or the mobile interface. It’s easy to use and it’s free (but yes, your wireless plan
could still charge you).

It also has these cool features:

• Automatically optimizes the interface for the phone you’re using
• Opens the attachments you receive in messages, including photos, Microsoft Word documents and .pdf files

• Lets you reply by call to people whose phone numbers are in your Gmail Contacts list

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Cute Overload! (not really about anime)

Ok, so this admittedly doesn’t have anything to do with Anime, but this website is too cute! It’s called Cute Overload (I think Cute Overlord would be cool too), and it has nothing but pictures of cute animals. Kawaii!!!!!! Maybe a cute anime overload should be in the works next?


Anime First Impressions

Mushishi – Anime First Impressions

mushishi 0mushishi 1mushishi 2mushishi 3mushishi 4mushishi 5

Mushishi begins with an explanation of what a “mushi” is. Apparently they’re not animal, vegetable or mineral, and we humans have reason to fear them.

Gaming Japan T-Shirts

Katamari Damacy Official T-Shirts!

I found this post on BoingBoing about some official Katamari Damacy t-shirts designed by the game’s creator himself! They’re kinda steep for just t-shirts ($25!), but the best part is that when you check out the detailed images, you get actual commentary on the shirt’s design from the game’s creator, Keita Takahashi. Check out gems such as this:

katamari shirts.jpg

Check out the official site for more!

Anime First Impressions

Jigoku Shoujo – Anime First Impressions

jigoku shoujo 1jigoku shoujo 2jigoku shoujo 3jigoku shoujo 4jigoku shoujo 5jigoku shoujo 6

I’ve been meaning to write about this anime for a while, and now that finals are over (yay!) I have lots of time to devote to this blog. Jigoku Shoujo literally means “Hell Girl” in Japanese. It falls under the horror genre, but after seeing this first episode, I’m not so sure that would be the best description of this anime.


Strange Anime Meme – Characters with Puppets

So I wrote in my last post about this weird epidemic of anime characters that have puppets. If it was just one character in one anime, I’d just say “whatever” and accept it as some strange gimmick. I’ve noticed, however, quite a few characters that for some reason or other, possess hand puppets that have a mind of their own. Here is my short list (let me know if there are any others):

Haibara Yukio (and his puppet Johnny).

Ok, so Haibara never actually talks, and his puppet dog Johnny seems to have a mind of his own. Haibara seems to be happy with just fishing all the time. Weird.

Randou Rino and Pucchan.

Pucchan is probably the weirdest anime puppet of them all. He knows Kung-Fu, he can be talking when Rino is asleep, and he can also talk if anyone (not just Rino) holds him. He’s also really annoying. Personally, I think he’s Satan.

Maaka Anju and Bge (Boogie?)

I’ve only seen the first episode, but this Bge also seems to have a mind of his own. He’s got a butcher’s knife for crying out loud!

Seiji Sawamura and Midori

What? Midori’s not a puppet? Oh, nevermind…

In conclusion, I’d really like to ask “what’s the deal?!” Does anyone know where the whole anime meme of having puppets came from? Is it a cool thing in Japan to walk around with a puppet and talk with it? Is this going to be some kind of new genre for anime? Please let me know if you have any information about this!

Anime First Impressions

Karin – Anime First Impressions

Karin is a normal high school student with a secret (who isn’t!?): her whole family consists of vampires. Unfortunately for her, she seems to be lacking in the vampire skills department. She goes outside during the day, and instead of sucking people’s blood, she just gets serious nosebleeds at a certain “time of the month.�? Okay…

Gaming Japan

Xbox 360 Shortages – fact or fiction?


Apparently not in Japan, as Kotaku reports that some stores are clearly not in danger of selling out any time soon. Frankly I’m not surprised. The Japanese have a stronger national pride than the United States. From some books and articles I read, many Japanese still regard products from the United States as highly inferior.

It was already known that Microsoft needed to grab more market share in Japan, but at what cost? Clearly they decided to sacrifice sales in the United States and took a chance on Japan. Now they’ve got a shortage in the US and an oversupply in Japan. You’re doing a heck of a job alienating your base, ‘softie.

Anime First Impressions

Shakugan no Shana – Anime First Impressions

Note: This preview of Shakugan no Shana is based only on the first episode. The first episode sets up the anime, so I don’t really consider anything in this preview to be spoiler material. That said, if you haven’t seen the first episode and you don’t want any “spoilers” whatsoever, maybe you should wait before reading on:

Japan Software

Rikaichan Japanese language plugin for Firefox

I just found this awesome new plugin for Firefox. It’s called Rikaichan, which sorta translates to “comprehension-chan.” It automatically detects Japanese text in your browser (assuming you have Japanese fonts installed), and as you mouse over the words, it gives you a translation. I’m not too sure how accurate all of the translations are, but for the words in Japanese I do understand, the plugin checks out. The plugin even offers a detailed Kanji view that should be great for any students of Japanese. Study while you browse! A shameless plug for Round Table follows: