Anime Preview

Extremely Biased/Misinformed Preview of Winter 2009 Anime!

So I’m putting new anime series into Anime Nano. And while I do so, I’m just rapidly looking at their websites to make sure they’re not OVAs, second season, lame shows, etc. I thought I’d use this as a chance to up my post count, so here’s my extremely biased/misinformed preview of the Winter 2009 anime!


Is this some kind of crossover between Maria-sama ga Miteiru and xxxHolic!? It has a maid and a girl with an eye mole who may or may not be voiced by Hirano Aya. Is she even popular anymore? Looks like it’ll be a bore!

Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo

There must be a motif in Japanese about girls leaping through things. Time, the sky, etc. Also, I looked at the JDict entry for “kakeru” and there’s like a million uses for the verb! I’m familiar with the use of “kakeru” as casting some kind of spell (mahou wo kakete). Anyway, this anime involves space, which usually means I probably won’t watch it. Not that I’ve had time to watch anything while in grad school…


This looks like the badass series of the season. What with the all-caps treatment of the title and tough dude and CG Mech things.

Asu no Yoichi

If this series has any level of fanservice, I expect jpmeyer to make the following comment:

Asu no Yoichi? More like Assu no Yoichi!


This one already got licensed. What the hey!?

Kemono no Souja Erin

This one has some characters in tunics. Boring!

Chrome Shelled Regios

Sounds like some kind of breakfast cereal.


Hot girl on a bike/robot. Seems like a winner to me!

SakuranBOY DT

This looks like a gag show. I’d totally watch the first episode since I like dumb/weird comedy.

Hetalia Axis Powers

Is this like Mao-chan except with boys? Or maybe they’re big and just super deformed on the website. Oh well. Whatever.


Broccoli Closing? Gema!?

I dunno how I missed this but it looks like Broccoli Books USA is closing shop. This is really depressing and makes me wish I had reviewed more of the stuff they sent me. I thought Broccoli always did the best job with their books (super heavy quality paper, sometimes too heavy!) and artbooks. Plus they did a lot of Disgaea stuff!

My thoughts are with all those affected by the closure, including main PR person (and other stuff person) Shizuki who was always so nice and responsive to my emails. Best of luck to you in the future!

Manga Review

Mao-Chan Vol. 1 – Manga Review

Mao-chan is the other, other Akamatsu Ken property that sort of comes after the popularity of Love Hina and Negima. And I think there’s a reason it’s not as popular…


Happy 3rd Birthday, Basugasubakuhatsu!

It’s the third birthday of the beginning of my anime blog(, and the month and a halfiversary of its death?)! Seriously, I have been kept pretty busy by school, work and trying to find a job (which I did, with Microsoft!).

Hopefully the next year will bring more free time, and more time to actually write about anime and manga and other stuff!

Tanoshimi ni!

Also, I think that the above picture resembles the kind that lonely otaku sit in front of while having birthdays by themselves. How appropriate for a deserted blog!