Broccoli Closing? Gema!?

I dunno how I missed this but it looks like Broccoli Books USA is closing shop. This is really depressing and makes me wish I had reviewed more of the stuff they sent me. I thought Broccoli always did the best job with their books (super heavy quality paper, sometimes too heavy!) and artbooks. Plus they did a lot of Disgaea stuff!

My thoughts are with all those affected by the closure, including main PR person (and other stuff person) Shizuki who was always so nice and responsive to my emails. Best of luck to you in the future!

2 replies on “Broccoli Closing? Gema!?”

you godda be kidding don’t ya?!

I loved the Manga the quality and the translaton >_>
They had so many good series.

Geez >_> TP Should “die” instead they deserve to be… -.-

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