An Anime You May Have Missed: Animal Yokocho

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One of my all time favorite stalled anime has got to be Animal Yokocho. The subs stopped around March of this year, but a.f.k. seems to have picked it back up again. It’s already seen three releases in September so far!!! I thought I’d try and bring some attention to the anime so a.f.k. will have a bigger reason to keep subbing it.

Anime Expenses

New Anime Purchases from RightStuf: Shopping Spree!

Haibane Renmei.jpg

I’m not a big anime DVD buyer. In fact, I’ve never bought an anime DVD until today (tonight). Now that I think about it, I’m not a very big buyer of DVDs in general. Well, that anime DVD drought ended when I saw a bitchin’ deal on the front page of RightStuf.


Fall 2006 Anime Preview: Part 8

Finally, it’s the last part of my Fall 2006 Anime Preview! Phew! In this ultimate preview, I take a look at Bartender, Gift Eternal Rainbow, Love dol: Lovely Idol, and Kekkaishi.


Bartender Facts:

  1. Bartenders are mammals.
  2. Bartenders fight all the time
  3. The main purpose of a Bartender is to flip out and star in anime

Yeah, I think it’s weird that there’s a Bartender anime. But hey, Cheers was on TV for a long ass time, and it was a tv show about a bar…


Fall 2006 Anime Preview: Part 7

Wow, this anime preview thing has a lot of parts, huh? Here’s Part 7 of the Fall 2006 Anime Preview. I’ll check out Kujibiki Unbalance, Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi, Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru, and Hataraki Man.

Kujibiki Unbalance

Kujibiki Unbalance.jpg
Kujibiki Unbalance is a spinoff of Genshiken. It’s the anime that they watch within in anime. As a sort of parody, it seems interesting, but I don’t know how well it’ll do as a stand alone anime. First off, it has to be good enough so that you believe that the Genshiken characters actually fanboy about it…

The preview video makes it seem like some kind of lame pseudo anime. I’d gladly trade it for a second season of Genshiken, but I’ll see how this one goes anyway.


Fall 2006 Anime Preview: Part 6

Part 6 of my week long Fall 2006 Anime Preview is upon us! I check out Kanon, Happiness!, Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch and Ayakashiayashi.


Kanon was one of the first anime that I had ever seen. When I think of it, I want to eat taiyaki and go sit sadly in the snow. But we don’t get snow here in New Mexico.

While the plot of the original seemed kind of erratic, I have a feeling that Kyoto Animation will do a kickass job on this anime. This is a must-see as far as I’m concerned.