Fall 2006 Anime Preview: Part 1

Is it already time for anime season previews? I guess so! Here’s a quick look at Black Blood Brothers, Silk Road Shounen Yuuto, Gin Iro no Olynsis, and Pumpkin Scissors:

Black Blood Brothers

Black Blood Brothers.jpg

In addition to being an awesome tounge twister, Black Blood Brothers is the first of the Fall 2006 anime that I’ll preview. It appears to be about a sword-brandishing vampire hunter. He looks like the Red Mage from Final Fantasy!

I found a preview video which is oddly in English. Or should I say, Engrish? The animation looks decent, though I did spot a bad CG helicopter. Vampires are cool, so I’ll be keeping an eye out for this anime when it airs later this month.

Silk Road Shounen Yuuto

Silk Road Shounen Yuuto.jpg
Silk Road Shounen Yuuto reminds me of the Wizard of Oz. Just replace the silk with gold, Dorothy with a boy, and Oz with China. Or something. It looks like the anime will be a journey through the world of Chinese history.

This anime looks like it’ll be an all CG animation even though the preview picture is drawn. I’m very much against CG “anime,” so I probably won’t watch this.

Gin-Iro no Olynsis

Gin Iro no Olynsis.gif
Gin-Iro no Olynsis looks like another one of those post-apocalyptic mecha anime that we all love so much. There’s not much info on it right now besides character sketches and the basic story overview. My quick verdict: I won’t watch it because it has mecha!

Pumpkin Scissors

Pumpkin Scissors.jpg
I think Pumpkin Scissors wins this season’s unique name award. I have a feeling there’ll be a dearth of both Pumkins and Scissors, but whatever.

The anime seems to be about a post war peacekeeping brigade. The character designs seem okay, but I’ll need a bit more info before I call it a “must watch.” Also, GONZO’s doing it, so watch out!

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The preview for Black Blood Brothers was kinda weird. I’m so used to listening to anime previews in Japanese that it felt as though I was listening to a Hollywood movie preview instead.

That said, the premise of senseless action appeals to the caveman within me, so I will give that show a shot and see if it can get my blood pumping.

On a side note… the explosions in B³ sounds similar to the explosions in Gundam… No really, the sound effect is exactly the same.


i saw a small list on, definately looking better than summer:

9/8 – Lupin the Third: Seven Days Rhapsody
9/8 – Black Blood Brothers
9/27 – Kaleido Star: Good-dayo! Gooood!
10/1 – Galaxy Angel II
10/2 – Tokimeki Memorial: Only Love
10/3 – D.Gray-Man
10/3 – Death Note
10/3 – Yamato Nadesiko Shichihenka
10/4 – Negima!?
10/4 – Busou Renkin
10/4 – Super Robot Taisen OG: Divine Wars
Ginga Tetsudou Monogatari
10/? – Yoake Mae Yori Ruriiro na
10/5 – Mamoru-kun ni Megami no Shukufuku wo!
10/5 – Kanon
10/6 – Code Geass: Lelouche of Rebellion
10/7 – Happiness!
10/10 – Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru
10/23 – Gift ~Eternal Rainbow~
TBA – Black Lagoon: Second Barrage
TBA – LoveDol ~Lovely Idol~

@Hung: Oh, I see.

There’s also another list I found while searching for announced Fall season anime titles.


The date order may kinda surprise you at first, so I though I should tell you.

By the way, I saw all of the titles you mentioned on this blog entry. That’s why I was quite familiar with some of them.

…Hmm. Seems like that those on saw the list as well.

The titles from Hung’s list don’t really seem appealing. But then again, I barely understand japanese…

I hope Death Note won’t be crappy, only because the manga ending was such a bad one (Lord Kira? WTF! Almost seems like there’s going to be a sequel.. =/)

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