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Anime Blog Awards Nominations: The Post

It’s true that I had some initial misgivings about the Anime Blog Awards. But I think they’re probably on the right track to doing something good for the community. So here’s my me-too post about why I nominated the blogs that I nominated. Also, Impz, I think this is my official sponsorship announcement for BGB and Anime Nano for the ABA. I’m Hung Truong and I approve this message.

It’s true that I had some initial misgivings about the Anime Blog Awards. But I think they’re probably on the right track to doing something good for the community. So here’s my me-too post about why I nominated the blogs that I nominated. Also, Impz, I think this is my official sponsorship announcement for BGB and Anime Nano for the ABA. I’m Hung Truong and I approve this message.

Best Episodic
Ex-Fansubber ひとり言
Sea Slugs! Anime Blog

I nominated Hinano because she speaks her damn mind. She doesn’t actually summarize much; she just honestly says what she thinks about the episode. Also, she’s an Anime Nano Podcast alumnus, and us Ex-Podcasters (Hitorigoto?) stick together!

I nominated the Sea Slugs! Anime Blog for one reason: hidden mouseover screencap captions. I really wish they were easier to get to, but mousing over will do. Basically I don’t read any text besides the screencap captions. You should try it! It takes way less time than reading paragraphs!

Best Editorial
見ないで! 恥ずかしい…

I nominated jpmeyer for best editorial blog because he knows what he’s talking about. Whereas I was a film school dropout, jpmeyer got some kind of degree or something. I really can’t remember now. Also, jp reads that J-List newsletter so he can explain Japanese culture in a way that only a person who reads the J-List newsletter can! Also, see the second half of why I nominated Hinano above.

アニ・ノート is an interesting meta-blog. Basically, Author reblogs what others have already blogged. But he’s got insights to add whenever a blogger gets something wrong. Like how I thought that one move in Naruto was Sasuke’s, but it was really first seen as done by Rock Lee. Oops. Also, not allowing comments on your blog is simply too emo not to respect.

Best Team
Sea Slugs! Anime Blog

Seaslugs again for team blog, mainly because they have the word “team” in their URL, which helps for SEO and nomination purposes.

Best Manga
Manga Maniac Cafe

Julie reads a crapload of manga, let me tell you. I think this award is more for being crazy prolific than anything else. Plus there aren’t that many manga only blogs out there, and I figured I’d give some points for purity.

Most Influential
Anime on My Mind

JASCII is what I read back when I started watching anime and I wanted to get an idea of what a series was about before watching it. It’s basically the inspiration for this blog, so how could I not list it? Who cares that it hasn’t been updated since July 2005 and is probably not eligible!? This was THE anime blog for me.

AoMM is also an influential blog to me. I don’t care if the name changed, I still call it AoMM. If it wasn’t for Anime Blog Toshokan and Blogsuki, I probably wouldn’t have gotten very far with BGB, or created Anime Nano. Well, I guess that might be thanking him for the wrong reasons, but in a way, he did have something to do with the creation of Anime Nano… Anyway, AoMM stands as a really insightful, funny anime blog. Now if he’d only remove all those sports references that go over my head…

Anime on My Mind
Sea Slugs! Anime Blog

Ashley’s satire. It burns. Plus her drawings are pretty amusing most of the time. I also nominated this blog for best satire. Better to put it here than make a new section and repeat myself.

Insightful == funny most of the time at AoMM. At least for me, it’s strangely funny when some random dude has the exact same thought that I did during a particularly wtf moment in an anime, and I realize it when I read his blog. THAT’S THE POWER OF THE INTERNET!

And as I already mentioned, the Seaslugs hidden captions are probably the funniest text you’ll never read.

Best Seiyuu-oriented

Hashihime knows way more about seiyuu than any person really should. That has to be worth some kind of dubious award!

Most Thought-Provoking
The Anime Almanac

Instead of writing about anime, Bateszi writes ABOUT anime. And sometimes about writing about anime. But it’s all thought provoking stuff.

The Anime Almanac is also a sort of metablog most of the time. The blog has a history for being controversial, which should be held as a badge of pride. I mean, you won’t see me fighting for lolicon rights!

Omonomono is for readers who like words. Yes, those kinds of readers. Seriously, if you manage to get through the huge blocks of text, you’ll be rewarded with yummy brain food.

Best Blog-related Comic
Unfunny Internet Meme Comics

Are they comics about unfunny memes? Or are they unfunny comics about memes? Either way, they’re badly drawn. And as I’ve said before, you have to respect DiGiKerot for drawing those things so badly on purpose. What, they’re not badly done on purpose!?!?

Best Figurine
Otaku’s Hideout

I think I nominated this one mostly because it hadn’t been nominated at the time and I wanted to get a fresh one in. It also happens to be really good. I think I just recently added this one to Anime Nano not too long ago.

And that’s it! I left a few categories out because I didn’t have much knowledge in them. Anyway, best of luck to those who were nominated. And thanks to those who nominated me, even though I haven’t been posting too much this past few months. Hopefully Summer will bring more time to keep this thing updated.

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I don’t know how you missed Jeff Lawson as most influential or Ogiue Maniax for most thought-provoking. Cinnamon Ass is the best episodic blog, but I’m just getting to pure preference there.

Also, Mistakes of Youth is the only real blog-related comic on Animenano…

Aren’t all of these categories sort of geared towards being preferential? Jeff Lawson may be influential to some, just not me. I don’t think you can really argue that I picked the “wrong” blogs because I picked the ones that fit best to my own preferences. And trying to bend people to your ideas is just stupid.

Also, Unfunny Internet Meme Comics is better than Mistakes of Youth. IMO.

About half of the are intentionally badly drawn, whilst the other half just turn out that way – there isn’t really much you can do with 250×200 pixel panels, after all. I did kind of think the art on todays was pretty decent, though.

I’d have probably gone for someone else myself, mainly because, unlike most of the other people who post comics, I have a habit of accidentally forgetting to put a joke in there ^^

*sniff sniff* but…but…*I* have have hidden roll over captions too! My didn’t you nominate meeeee?!

*cries all the back to my blog*

“Aren’t all of these categories sort of geared towards being preferential?”

Unless we’re supposed to be doing this in a down-the-checklist objective sort of way, yeah, I’d think this is completely preferential.

Except it’s not really opinion as much as it is fact, in this case. Jeff Lawson essentially _started_ anime blogging, along with Momotato, Jasc, and a few others.

Ogiue Maniax is very thought-provoking. So much that omo himself nominated him.

Well, Al Gore invented the internet, so maybe Al Gore’s blog should be the most influential anime blog!

I’m just calling my nominations as I see them. You can feel free to disagree, but stating it as a fact that Jeff Lawson must win the most influential award in a peer-voted system is kind of pushing it. Nothing against the guy, either. He’s cool with me.

That’s fair. I’m looking at it from a very different viewpoint of following the blogging scene almost since its inception. I remember long before Anime on My Mind existed.

Thanks for the nomination. (^_^) I’ve kinda been ignoring the whole awards thing, but I’m honored that you’d think about my rambling as thought-provoking.

But was I really advocating the right to lolicon?

[re-reads his own post]

Wow… I guess was. And that was actually a pretty damn good post. Maybe I need to focus more on that child pornography and less on this whole “Industry vs. Fansub Community” business. 😉

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