Some Kind of Anime Blog Awards Going On…

I guess I’m a little late to post this, but there’s some kind of anime blog awards going on. This is sort of neat, and props to whoever set this up.

Wait… who did set this up? The email I got form my form was just signed by “The Anime Blog Awards Committee.” At first I thought it was “The Anime Blog” who was setting it up, but I’m not so sure now. It all seems a bit shady.

Also, the tagline is “by bloggers for bloggers.” This is manifested in the rules that state you must be a blogger to nominate blogs. As if readers can’t have a good enough opinion of the quality of the blogs they read? I think if anything the anime “blogosphere” should be trying to encourage participation from readers, not excluding them from nominations.

It seems that that the voting will be done by only anime bloggers. Way to empower your readers… There’s something very exclusionary about this that I don’t like. Perhaps if nominations were from bloggers and popular voting could be done by everyone. I guess they might be concerned about gaming the system, but including only bloggers makes it seem like the cool kid’s club where you’re not welcome if you’re not as cool as them (assuming that anime bloggers are considered cool).

Anywho, I’d rather focus on the positive and decided to participate anyway. I put up some nominations on blogs I like (some probably don’t fit the requirements). Hopefully things will go smoothly.

Edit: Ani-Nouto pointed out that at least one person linked with the awards commitee is traceable. I guess my general point is that transparency would be appreciated since there’s really no mention at all of who is officially behind the awards. For all I know, Basugasubakuhatsu could have created them and put in some shill nominations to regain my past blogging glory. What past blogging glory? Oh, I guess you have a point.

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What I’ve gotten from past experiences is that when you try to organize something for the community, there will inevitably be ad hominems and poisoning of the well going on, accusations of bias and personal gain, where naysayers try to take you down without even considering what’s trying to be done in their obtuseness.

With that in mind, it’s not surprising that The ABA organisers have chosen to stay relatively anonymous (for now). Just my thoughts. (:

It’s probably a situation of “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” disclose who you are. In any case, I think offering some transparency is the way to go. People are obviously going to question you if you’ve created some “community” awards in secret and decide to launch without saying who you are.

Would it really be better for Impz to hide that he’s behind the awards, only to emerge after winning a bunch of them? This is merely a hypothetical example, BTW.

He was planning to make it public on its “official” launch date, actually — April the 1st. It’s something he thought would be a good idea, apparently. I’ll have to let him know about how this isn’t doing The ABA a whole lot of good ASAP when I see him. :/ But I get where you’re coming from.

Impz likes to hide.

Anyway, after the blogger’s voting, there will be a next phrase for reader’s choice. There will be reader involvement so there is no worry about that. The issue with nominations by the public is that there are a few major concerns

1. Messy affair

2. Extremely popular blogs likely to choke up the top 5 places.

Then people will go like “this is all popularity!”. We accept that it’s not the most idle situation but still. Anyway, owen is a meanie and he’s evil. YAY!

I also think that keeping it transparent would be better. Maybe a good way would be to have it done by a neutral party or maybe the organisers pulling out of the award themselves?

I just think its going to bring more exposure to good sites out there that people might not have know about.

At first I thought it was “The Anime Blog” who was setting it up, but I’m not so sure now. It all seems a bit shady.

Rachel and I were surprised (and a little confused) about ‘The Anime Blog Awards’ too. There’s no connection to our site though. Perhaps they should have called it ‘Anime Blogging Awards’ or something?

All I know is that it’s gonna look weird if ‘The Anime Blog’ has been nominated for an ‘The Anime Blog Award’…

It might be even more confusing in the future, because we have a section under development on our site called ‘The Anime Blog Awards’.


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