Vertical Inc: Bringing You Emo Manga Since 2007!


I got some random bookmarks in a recent press package from Vertical Inc. One for Apollo’s Song and another for To Terra. I actually read the text on the bookmarks today (because really, who can be bothered to read?) and I caught this delightful gem. The bookmark reads:

To Terra… The hit sci-fi emo manga by shoujo-master Keiko Takemiya.

How freaking awesome is that!? Emo manga? Seriously. This is by far the coolest bookmark I’ve ever possessed. I haven’t seen the To Terra anime at all… Does it have Weezer playing in the background or something? I would love it if the ED theme was the sweater song.

Also, I wish my hair was emo. Then it’d cut itself.

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Terra E remake gets vicious reviews across blogs. IIRC Pixy at wrote “I always wondered why they won’t remake 70s manga more. Now I know: because it’s trash.” I also noticed that the remake is chiefly popular among young girls. The powere of bishies, I presume. And now emo, you say? Heck yes.

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