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Death Note II Movie Screening: Win Free Tickets!

So like Kabitzin, I was offered some free movie tickets to Death Note II for my faithful readers. Just go here and see if the movie is playing in your town. There are tickets for October 15 & 16 showings. Then um… Hmm… I guess I have to make this into a contest. Okay.

Leave a comment with a haiku about Death Note and I’ll pick two winners from random. Or maybe I’ll just pick the most entertaining haiku. Either way, I’ll contact the winners via email on 9/29/09.

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Revoltech Yotsuba @Summer Vaction Edition: GET!

I finally got my Revoltech Yotsuba figure that I ordered at the beginning of the Summer from Yesasia. And NO! I’m not taking this thing to the beach just to be ridiculed by non-weeaboos. I play with my figures from the security and privacy of my own home, thanks very much!