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Stray Little Devil Vol. 3 – Manga Review


Stray Little Devil continues with more fanservice, and um… well, fanservice.


Stray Little Devil continues with more fanservice, and um… well, fanservice.

In this volume of SLD (which sounds kind of like a drug), En Zu heads out with some other familiars to find a cure for his loss of speaking. At their destination, they run into that mysterious dude Remy who just continues to be mysterious. A shounen fight occurs! Eventually En Zu gets his ability to speak back, and the episode is quickly forgotten. “Why?” you ask? Because the next chapter is a beach episode! Yessss!

The beach story is something about giant squids fighting giant octopi over territory issues, but it’s really just an excuse to show the girls get tentacle… held in their swimsuits. I approve!

Then there’s the devil test that Pam must pass in order to reach Devil Intern Level 2! That arc was actually pretty interesting, though somewhat short. This series ends at volume 5, so I guess the author is just cramming stuff in as quickly as possible.


When I think of Stray Little Devil, I think of the art. It’s really freaking good. And the fanservice sort of just raised the bar on this series. The story is cute, yet not Nobel Prize worthy or anything.

I mean, it’s pretty obvious that the story plays second fiddle to the art. Pam’s cute outfits keep changing every few chapters or so. Her clothes show more character development than she does herself! As long as you’re aware of that fact, the manga is really quite enjoyable.

So yeah, I enjoy reading this manga. The story really isn’t going anywhere, but I’m expecting it will in the next volume since Linfa is now on a mission to find out more about Pam. I’m actually kind of sad to see that the manga stops at volume 5 because I really like the characters, despite the plot going nowhere.


Stray Little Devil isn’t a manga masterpiece. It’s really more of a guilty pleasure, actually. If you like cute girls and fanservice, well, look no further! SLD is the perfect superficial manga to read and enjoy. Kind of like the supermodel of books…

Many thanks to DrMaster Publications for sending me a review copy of Stray Little Devil Volume 3!

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