Spring 2007 Anime Director Epidemic!


So I haven’t really been watching Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann, but apparently there was some kind of scandal that occurred due to the “unique” directing of the fourth episode, including the resignation of show’s producer.

Then, Kyoto Animation decided to switch directors on the Lucky Star anime, apparently due to lackluster humor? To be fair, the second and third episodes were chuckle inducing, but only for a few parts. The show is still no Azumanga, or even a Gaijin 4-koma, for that matter.

Then, Hinano dropped the bomb on a potentially earth shattering story! The characters in episode 4 of Kami-chama Karin look weird! Like, Steve Sutton weird!

Perhaps the Japanese superstition about the number 4 has a basis in reality. Or in this case, episode 4… Quick, someone get Animation Runner Kuromi on the job!

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Since Lucky Star is one of the funniest anime ever made, I don’t think the change was because of “lack of humor.” I don’t see much changing in future episodes, since the anime conveys the humor of the comic very well. If people don’t get that kind of humor, there’s not much that can be done for them.

It now seems more likely to me that the change was because director Yamamoto was cracking under the pressure of being an administrator as well as a creative person, and KyoAni gave him a way out by bringing in an experienced hand to run the ship.

(LOL!XD So much for the evil number 13, in japan it’s 4!)

Well, one of the words in Japanese for the number 4 is “Shi” which also means death. They don’t have any superstition against the number 13 as we do in the west. For them it’s 4 (and I think 9 but I’m not sure about that one).

Yup, that’s what I was hinting at. I think I remember hearing that you don’t give wedding gifts in even numbers either, because they’re easy to divide (like you’re suggesting the couple could get divorced). That might be some other Asian culture, though.

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