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Anime Rule #142: Band-Aids Heal Everything


One of my favorite web comics is VG Cats, though the updates are seriously way too few and far between. I guess Scott Ramsoomair is a fan of anime, so sometimes the comics will be about anime, and not video games.

In a recent (relatively, at least) comic, Scott tackles the widely known anime rule that band-aids heal everything. Not just minor cuts and scrapes, but everything. I actually think that it’s the band-aids in conjunction with sleep that will heal everything.

When you think about it, it’s not really so far-fetched. I mean, if Usopp can survive a direct hit to the head from some blunt object (I think it was a hammer), who’s to say he can’t be healed with bandages and sleep? This phenomenon is also seen in a bunch of other shounen anime like Naruto and Bleach.

Now, if they had only applied the band-aids correctly to Haruka Suzumiya, maybe things would’ve turned out better…

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One have to wonder if the author of this entry has even _seen_ Naruto at all. People freaking die there, from combat wounds. Lee’s wounds and surgery form a major plot arc. Sheesh is all I can say.

I thought that a significant time lapsed between the end of the battle and the next scene, enough time to complete the bridge. If Sasuke has slept it off, we never see it.

I agree that a certain suspension of disbelief is necessary in that scene. For example, Sasuke always manages to fall so as not to drive any needles into the body, very convenient! And Sakura can hug Sasuke’s body without dealing further damage and impaling herself, too. Although Haku was very considerate and skilled not to deal any instantly debilitating damage, this seems to be exceeding minimal bounds of realism for the type of show Naruto aims to be.

I just don’t think that the amounts of effort necessary to tune out the Naruto’s inconsistencies are all that unusual for anime in general, and not just shonen. The lapses of realism are more noticeable in it precisely because Naruto goes to great lengths to play on pseudo realism. This includes the recovery from damage, in many instances. From the outset, Kakashi and Zabuza spend time bedridden after their first confrontation. That is the overall style of it. But certainly, someone can find deviations.

Now, if they had only applied the band-aids correctly to Haruka Suzumiya, maybe things would’ve turned out better…

Yea, and let all the angst hanging (meaning the story ends quickly – happy ever after – or let the love trangle heat up further. No more emo for Kiminozo if that happens, for one of the very reason it has a very huge fanbase could be Haruka herself. 😛

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