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Move Over, Hirano Aya! Patricia Ja Lee Is My New Haruhi!


So quite a while back, like in December, was claimed and a few promotional videos for the North American licensing of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya were created. In these videos, we see a new Haruhi. Not Hirano Aya (or Hinano), but Patricia Ja Lee! Apparently she was the yellow pink power ranger after the first one died. Hey, does the “yellow” power ranger always have to be Asian!?

I was never really into the power rangers, since they were popular around the time I had outgrown that type of show. Of course, if I had been as much of a weeaboo then as I am now, and if I knew the show was based on a Japanese sentai show, I probably would’ve been a huge fan! Sad, huh?

Anyway, back to the point. Patricia Ja Lee beats the pants (skirt?) off of Hirano Aya in terms of hotness! Maybe it’s just because she decided to put on glasses for a few seconds (meganekko Haruhi for the win!) but I think I’ve fallen hard. Plus she’s really good at speaking English, which is bragable. I also like her really bad acting, which I think is purposeful (I hope).

Does anyone else think this new Haruhi is uber hot? Or is it just me? Seriously, with all of the fuss that’s always being made about Hirano Aya, you’d think there’d be more PJL fan sites up… I’m making a new poll, so be sure to vote for your Haruhi of choice!

27 replies on “Move Over, Hirano Aya! Patricia Ja Lee Is My New Haruhi!”

*sigh* She was the PINK ranger! And the one she took over for never died! Yeesh, don’t you know your Power Rangers history? =P

Oh shi-…I’ve said too much… *slides away*

Wha? Then maybe I just made up that whole “yellow rangers are Asian” thing myself. I thought Kimberly was the pink ranger. Oh well.

Oh, okay, so that first asian one was yellow. I thought she just got replaced, hence yellow.

And yeah, all I know about power rangers I learned from the commercials. Like how Tommy was green and then white or something. That’s about it.

In the original series from 1993 there was one Asian yellow ranger (as well as a black black ranger) and after that they never had a black guy as the black ranger or an Asian as the yellow ranger ever again. Obviously they got heat for it. lol The series PJL was in was from 1997-1998, by then there were already a couple of cast replacements. She was like the 3rd or 4th pink ranger, I believe. Yes, I know way too much. =P

You’re not alone. Omo, at least, discussed how much hotter he thought Pink Ranger was when the first video was released.

For what it’s worth, I heartily disagree. Or rather, I guess I don’t really give much thought to the relative “hawtness” of the ladies, but cuteness is SUPERIOR. And as far as cuteness is concerned, Aya-tan wins hands down in my book. Haven’t seen her meganekko pictures yet?

Really? I don’t like how Hirano Aya is portrayed in the Haruhi Suzumiya cosplay, she looks better in other outfits… But yes, in this case I will agree that Patricia Ja Lee does look better has haruhi. Unfortunately I also do not think either of them look extremely attractive.

But daaaaaaaaaaaaaang the mikuru look hawt! Sure, she didnt have oversized breasts like the character is suppposed to have… but I perfer it that way…

*dodges accusitory lolicon comments*


I think Patricia Ja Lee is hotter and cuter than Hirano Aya. It could just be her mannerisms. I don’t really find a lot of Japanese mannerisms to be cute. Bad acting, however, is totally moe.

I can’t shake the feeling that Patricia looks too masculine. Maybe it’s just that one image, but that could easily be a dude. Also Aya occasionally can be seen wearing glasses on her blog, and not ugly ones like Patricia.

Patria Ja Lee is the hot one
Hirano Aya is the super cute one -especially with her new hair-
Hinano… is Hinano. You cant go there. JP Kim’s all over that.

You’re all gay for either (a) knowing way too much about Power Rangers, and/or (b) not acknowledging just how hot those two chics are. =)

Actually, while Patricia Ja Lee is more ‘hot’ in my book, Hirano Aya is definitely ‘cuter’. Of the two, I’d personally pick PJL, though. I can’t believe she’s over 30 years old…she’s aged pretty damn well if you ask me.

well, one is cool(hot), the other is cute XD

but if you ask me… well, let’s say i’d rather see a PJL with ponytail *droll*
obs: ‘lee’ isn’t a chinese surname?

well, since everyone defined that its either hot/cute. think this way:
the haruhi in the anime, is hot or cute? then u’ll find the answer(at least for yourself)

As far as I’m concerned, this is an unnecessary argument. I wouldn’t kick either one of them out of bed for eating crackers. Although I will say, when Aya-chan reaches the age that Ms. Lee is now, if she looks nearly as hot, she’ll be able to count herself very lucky.

“Patricia Ja Lee is a Korean-American model/actress”

No wonder I find her hot. Whenever I think “who that’s some hawt Jpanese girl”, it turns out, she’s actually Korean. In any case, I always considered a mix of asian/caucasian very appealing.

Then again, I couldn’t he stand her in these ASOS videos at all. She’s really hawt but I totally hate her. Maybe she isn’t a good (even though appealing) actress or maybe Haruhi Suzumiya only works as anime for me. I don’t think she made a good live-action version of her.

It really shows that these videos are made by/for Americans. People have been watching/making free fan-subs for years and I haven’t read/heard a single bad word from any Japanese company. These guys however couldn’t refrain throwing dirt.

That said you could chase me with English dubs no matter how good they are, so I don’t give a damn about this North-American release anyway. If I could afford it, I get the R2 DVDs and just use the freely available subs.

Did you catch the Anime Expo 2007 concert where they got Aya, the VA who did the English dub, and the ASOS Brigrade leader all Haruhi class intro speach from episode #1?

Aya sounded pretty much as expected. The English VA sounded like a high pitched little girl voice(meh), and the ASOS Brigade leader did a fast talking, cool version. Hot! Really nice counter point making the ASOS very different from the SOS Brigade.

….she was not replacing Kimberly

kimberly was the pink ranger and left in 1995, she was replaced by kat (Pink ranger), she then replaced Kat in 1997.

trini was yellow and left in 1994, and was replaced by Aiesha (Who was black), who left in 1996, and was replaced by Tanya (who was also black) and tanya was replaced by Ashley (a white girl) in 1997.


then post.

Asians never are yellow rangers anymore.

she cant be haruhi..she’s twice her age!
plus she looks like a bad cosplay sex actress

you guys are sick

gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! the thing about patricia lee is that she is reaally a bad actor, and that i personally hate about all english dubs/live action anime. i think that japanese things should stay japanese, with subtitles. and plus, aya hirano is one of the awesomest voice actors in the world….
but even though i’m a girl, i’d have to say pjl is prettier… but aya hirano is cute!

Out of all the other Power Rangers franchises that sucked! Powr Rangers in Space does it for me, because of Patricia Ja Lee!!i

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