Is it anime blog update season?

What with me updating my own blog’s theme, the banner contest over at Pretty Scythe and lolitron’s new IE hatin’ theme, I guess this is anime blog update season huh? 

Maybe I will make a banner for the contest, maybe I won’t. Everyone’s doing it though! I actually have a cool idea for a header and tagline, but I dunno if I could actually implement it well.

How are my own headers looking? The Magikano one looks a bit out of place I know; maybe I’ll replace it with something monochromatic like the other ones. I feel that since I have a unique header (that rotates), and I’ve gotten comment spam, I’m a real blog now! Well, not me myself, but my blog.

And yeah, I’m hoping to actually blog about anime soon, but where are the subs for the new season? I could try previewing a series raw; now that would be comedy gold.

One reply on “Is it anime blog update season?”

Nah.. it’s more due to the fact that it’s a new year for a fresh start.. Or so they say. 😕 I, for one, have been planning a long overdue theme-change. But what I’m working right now isn’t and won’t be viewable til a few days (due to work).

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