Death Note II Movie Screening: Win Free Tickets!

So like Kabitzin, I was offered some free movie tickets to Death Note II for my faithful readers. Just go here and see if the movie is playing in your town. There are tickets for October 15 & 16 showings. Then um… Hmm… I guess I have to make this into a contest. Okay.

Leave a comment with a haiku about Death Note and I’ll pick two winners from random. Or maybe I’ll just pick the most entertaining haiku. Either way, I’ll contact the winners via email on 9/29/09.

14 thoughts on “Death Note II Movie Screening: Win Free Tickets!”

  1. A secret I hold
    That never can the world know
    I am their new God

    I want apples now
    Raito give me apples
    Yummy apples yum

    I want some waffles
    topped with strawberry syrup
    I am known as L

  2. Are the movies worth watching? I’ve read the manga originally, then I watched the anime. I didn’t really feel like watching the movie since it’d be like seeing the story a 3rd time.

  3. The movies are different from the anime. The first one is bit campy, but the second is fantastic. Different ending, but still really great. the third has nothng to do with the storyline, but shows L at his best.
    All I hope for now is that they don’t cast Zac Efron as Light in the American adaptation.

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