Mushishi Vol. 1 – Anime DVD Review


The literal translation for “Mushi-shi” sounds sorta like “Bug Tamer,” but I think the actual meaning is a bit more interesting. At least, if you’re not into entomology…

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Nodame Cantabile Vol. 7 – Manga Review


Nodame Cantabile Volume 7 features Noda Megumi frolicking in a field with an oboe. At least, I think it’s an oboe. It might also be an english horn, or maybe Nodame got giant-sized and it’s a bassoon. I’m not too good at identifying weird woodwind instruments. But the important thing is that the cover’s got a frolicking Nodame! Am I right!?

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I Hate You More Than Anyone! Vol. 1 – Manga Review


Theory: When someone in anime or manga says “I hate you more than anyone” (Sekai de Ichiban Daikirai!) they really mean “I’m a tsundere and I love you.”

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E’S Vol. 3 – Manga Review


Perhaps it’s just the time that I’m taking between volumes, but while reading E’S volume 3, I was trying to figure out if this was the same manga that I’ve been reading in 1 and 2…

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Big Dreams Little Tokyo – Movie Review


Big Dreams Little Tokyo is not an anime, manga, or live action dorama. It’s an American indie film with a huge dash of Japanese culture references. Basically, fair game for review on this blog. Or so I declare.

Also, this review is based on an advance screener copy of the film. Apparently it’s going to be released in theaters and on DVD in early ’08. So you can’t watch this yet. Gomen.

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