Winter 2007 Anime Preview Part 1

As one anime season (and year) draws to a close, another is just beginning. There’s a whole lot of anime coming out for the Winter of 2007. Here’s the first chunk of my Winter 2007 anime preview:



At first, I thought “Gothicmade” was some kind of play on words about a Gothic Maid. Apparently, it’s about women on some planet who must receive and pass down memories to other generations. From just reading that, Gothicmade sounds sort of similar to that book I had to read in middle school, “The Giver.” Gothicmade also has mecha in it, which probably means this anime will go into my “ignore unless people say it’s awesome” pile.

Idol Master Xenoglossia


Idol Master Xenoglossia is based on an idol simulation game where you train young girls to become pop idols. Hopefully this anime won’t be as bad as that other idol show, Lovedol… This one also includes mecha for some reason. Are Japanese people just randomly adding mecha to all shows now!? I can’t see how this anime could be very good, but I might watch one episode to see how bad it is.

Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann


Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann has a long and confusing name. It also has mecha. I guess that the only real redeeming quality of this anime is that it’s being done by studio Gainax. When I think of Gainax, I think of WTF endings and unmet expectations. Maybe though, just maybe they’ll make a kickass anime outta this.

Lucky Star


Lucky Star is a pointless 4-koma manga. I think it’s probably comparable to something like Azumanga Daioh in terms of actual plot. The notable thing about Lucky Star is that it’s being animated by Kyoto Animation, the studio that did Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu and Kanon. I actually like anime that don’t have much of a plot besides funny situations, so I’ll give Lucky Star a shot. I might even try reading the manga to get a head start.

Keitai Shoujo


I believe Keitai Shoujo is an anime based off of those cell phone “games” where you have a virtual girlfriend. And you pay real money to buy her gifts. Or she gets mad and dumps you. Uh, no thanks.

15 thoughts on “Winter 2007 Anime Preview Part 1”

  1. Wait… are you sure that these are going to air in the winter-2007-season? According to Moonphase, only Gurren Lagann has had a confirmed air-date. With the others, it’s not sure when they’ll air. I’m suspecting that they’ll arrive in the spring-season.

  2. Gothicmade sounds pretty interesting, and I’ve been looking forward to Gurren Lagann ever since GAINAX announced it a few months ago.

    Keitai Shoujo – no thanks.

    Lucky Star – Eh…

    Idol Master Xenoglossia – What the fuck is this shit? Get the hell out of here.

  3. I used to despise mechas as well, but Dai-Guard cured me from it. That show had the lamest mecha ever, I swear. If I remember right the giant robot had something like moustache. But then… And of course, Stellvia, which was a poster child of “we make 3D mecha because our computers totally suck and can’t make 3D characters worth looking at”. While not quite as educational on the virtues of looking past the mecha, it was a good ride.

  4. GothicMade will be either TOTAL WIN or ULTIMATE PHAIL, due to Mamoru Nagano’s elitist-ism running strong in the blood of Gothicmade. Let’s see if his ego can make an fantasy epic with mecha, or an imaginative failure.

    IDOLMASTER Sunrise = mecha…figures. Considering it’s directed by the person who directed Honey and Clover 2, not to mention I’m a TOTAL SUCKER for BEE-CRAFT, I’ll give it a try.

    Gurren Lagann. It’s been a while since the last time anime had awesome FACIAL SUPAA-ism in the robots. The last good one was Sunrise’s GGG FINAL, which was EPIC. Don’t screw up. Last thing we need is a mecha anime-looked forward to screwing up, DISTANCING the already ignored mecha genre.

    I don’t like 4-koma animes, but apparently it’s about otaku gamers, so I’ll give it a try. Plus it’s Kyoto Animation’s first venture into manga adaptions, 4-koma no less. Worth or look or 2, even if it’s not my taste.

  5. @KT Kore

    Mamoru Nagano has a pretty “DO IT MY WAY, NO OTHER WAY” attitude in handling his own work and stuff, and that’s why even though GothicMade had been in production for a quite a while after 5 Star Stories, it took him this long to finally set a release date because he does stuff like “NO I MUST DRAW THESE PARTICULAR FRAMES MYSELF” etc etc, stuff like that. He’s like doing everything about GothicMade by himself. That’s totally crazy. I have little doubt about Nagano’s mecha designs and awe-inspiring worlds/stories, but being too forceful about his creation can lead to mishaps. Great ideas doesn’t neccesarily lead to great storytelling. Either his passion for Gothicmade gets channelled perfectly and gets us awed, or botched for only satisfying himself and only himself and leave the audiences in bad taste.

  6. I see what you mean. It seems like he’s very passionate in his creations to make sure that everything is fitting to his vision and I like that in a creator but as you say, great ideas don’t always lead to great storytelling. We shall see how it goes.

  7. Hmm. I just used the anidb calendar. Apparently these are all January 2007 shows. I guess I could do some more research though. Anidb’s been pretty good about the dates in the past though.

  8. Well, the AniDB calendar has the nasty habit of putting shows with only a confirmed year to be aired on the first day of this year. I have no idea why they would want to do this, though. Try either the fansub wiki or moonphase. These sites should have very accurate information.

  9. Idol Master Xenoglossia – idols and mecha? Plus twin lolis. This will suck so much. I’m definitely watching an episode. Still, it can’t be worse than Lovedol. I refuse to believe it could be.

    So, of 5 shows, 3 have mecha and one is based on creepy otaku games? O.o Uh, I pick GAINAX for 500, though the character designs don’t look promising. I’ll also watch Lucky Star, of course. AzuDai rocked.

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