Confessions Of An Anime Fan


アニメ。。。 ??? ???。。。 アニメ?事?好??????

Oh wait, wrong kind of confession… It seems to me that everyone has skeletons in their closet, so to speak. I have quite a few anime related confessions to make. Y’know, anime that I should have watched, anime that I shouldn’t have watched, weird quirks that I have… That kinda thing. I figured I’d go clean and reveal to you my darkest anime confessions:


アニメ。。。 ??? ???。。。 アニメ?事?好??????

Oh wait, wrong kind of confession… It seems to me that everyone has skeletons in their closet, so to speak. I have quite a few anime related confessions to make. Y’know, anime that I should have watched, anime that I shouldn’t have watched, weird quirks that I have… That kinda thing. I figured I’d go clean and reveal to you my darkest anime confessions:

1. I have a huge backlog

No, seriously, it’s huge! I have a whole 200GB hardrive of practically unwatched anime, and another 200GB that is quickly filling up. I watch about 3 episodes of anime per day, yet that is still not enough to shrink my massive backlog.

2. I’ve never watched Mai-Hime

Well, I watched about 2 episodes and it didn’t really appeal to me that much. I know everyone says this anime is awesome, but I’ve just never gotten around to watching it. Perhaps the public backlash that I predict will come from this post will force me to watch it?

3. I’ve never watched Mai-Otome

This is kinda obvious from anime confession #2, but hey, I thought I’d include that.

4. I haven’t seen all of Cowboy Bebop

Yeah, it’s blasphemy, huh? I remember catching a few episodes on Cartoon Network back when I had cable, but I never watched all of them. I do recall hearing that Spike dies or something though. Too bad.

5. The anime that started it all for me? Pokemon!

Yep, I pretty much started watching and getting interested in anime because of Pokemon. It really isn’t that bad of a show… Another sub-confession: The Pokemon voice actors are the only ones I can actually accept listening to in a dub. Any other anime dubbed will be immediately turned off. Sub-sub-confession: I bought the Pokemon OST! Now that’s ?????!

6. I actually liked Magikano!

You know, that anime that everyone hates? I think it’s great!

7. I watch a lot of bad anime!

Not only the first episode, either. If I get past the first 5 episodes, chances are I will watch the entire series, just to complete it (eventually – see #1). For some mental reason, I can not drop an anime series, even if it’s really bad! Right now I’m struggling through Strawberry Panic! because I hear it gets good later on.

8. I refuse to watch mecha anime

Unless it has a twist on it, like Full Metal Panic. Otherwise I just won’t watch it. It was bad enough for me when they didn’t have bad cg effects all the time, but now it’s just impossible for me to watch a mecha anime.

9. I really like cute, slice of life anime

As a heterosexual male, it’s hard for me to recommend Ichigo Mashimaro to friends without fear of being ridiculed. I still recommend it, though. After hearing about Pita Ten and Azumanga Daioh from me, I think they’re used to it…

10. I am guilty of being a “collector”

I have lots of manga in Japanese. I haven’t read very many of them. I attribute most of this to laziness. One of my manga, Hayate X Blade, has no furigana, so I’ll probably never be able to read it (unless I start studying kanji like, right now). That said, I’m still happy to have them, because I am guilty of being a “collector.” They look great on my shelf, which is good enough for me!

Okay, I think that’s probably enough confessions for today. Maybe when I come up with some more, I’ll do a part two. In the meantime, feel free to post your confessions in the comments section, and all your anime sins will be forgiven (or something).

40 thoughts on “Confessions Of An Anime Fan”

  1. I loved Magikano and outside of the big-moments I wasn’t that impressed with Mai Hime neither (although I hear you need to be versed in Magical Girl series to fully appreciate it), so that makes us like, both awesome or something.

    Thankfully I don’t have that kind of backlog however. I try to keep a personally goal of 4 eps a day, but I can’t always make it.

  2. Rofl hey I never watched any of the Mai-whatever’s either
    and for me Pokemon/Sailormoon were my first shows too XD

    Dont worry about cowboy bebop, it sucked anyways 🙂

    1. You completed several nice points there. I did a search on the matter and found the majority of persons will go along with with your blog.

  3. Well every anime fan always has a something to be guilty of… backlog or not…. it doesn’t really matter what you’ve seen and what you haven’t…. just the fact that you write about anime is to be commended on..

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinons.. just a matter of perspective… much lucks on clearing thru your backlog.

  4. Go watch Cowboy Bebop NOW! Don’t listen to what the the person two posts above me said; it is one of the best television series PERIOD (animated or live-action).

    And the only mecha anime I’d say everyone should see is Eureka seveN. Because, rather than focusing on the robots, it focuses on the characters.

  5. I love Magikano. It’s one of the funniest harem anime around.

    I love Ichigo Mashimro, it’s one of the cutest slice of life anime around.

  6. I really liked Magikano myself.
    Haven’t watched either Mai Hime or Otome, but I have an interest to someday.
    I like mecha-anime cause the original Macross and a ton of mecha-anime was what got me into anime over 20-years ago (Yeah, I’m old!).

  7. I love magikano too. I love it until episode 10. In my history of watching anime, I’ve never laugh as much as episode 10. When they tried to make some kind of resolution after that episode, it’s just not so funny anymore. Magikano should’ve just forget about the story and stick to the joke till the end (like 2×2 shinobuden).

    I also love ichigo mashimaro. I love Anna Coppola and the way she tried to act foreign 😀 It’s so adorable.

    I agree with nowhere man on eureka seven. Eureka seven is just a good, solid anime. It’s so good that I’d recommend it to everyone, even to people who hate mecha.

    I thought Mai-hime is pretty good. Mai otome though, needed to be longer. Having so many character, it should’ve given more background to each character.

  8. Pokemon is a really good intro to anime and to comedy in general. It was the first show my niece (now 11 and still watching) watched regularly, and she’s got a pretty good understanding of how and why things are funny, and how visual and verbal jokes are structured. She can also tell me when (and usually why) something is NOT funny.

    OK, I really like IchiMashi and AzuDai, so I guess I have to watch Pita Ten now. Curse you, Anime Fan.

    Have you seen Voices of a Distant Star? That’s got mecha in it, but like FMP, the mecha aren’t the point. And I’m also guilty of 2, 3, and 4…

  9. I loved Magikano – except the ending kinda got too serious, which ruined the fun ride that it was… as the enjoyment was in the madness which resulted from Ayumi’s schemes to get Haruo to ‘be a man’, not in his secretly being a Demon King whose memories had to be locked away forever, lest he end the world.

    Ichigo Mashimaro wasn’t the archetype of ‘slice of life’ which Azumanga or H&C are, IMO – but it’s pretty good at keeping things light, and capturing a piece of childhood which most people have probably forgotten; the innocence and lack of angst, along with the sense of adventure which accompanied each episode, without the slight sense of artificiality which accompanied Binchou-tan.

    As far as where I started… that’d be in the original Gundam days, really – along with the Macross/Southern Cross/Genesis Pit Mospeada bastardization which was Robotech; between those two, and some older stuff (Mazinger D), I got started in anime at an early age.. and never stopped.

  10. I haven’t seen Mai hime or Cowboy bebop and don’t have intentions to do so either. =)

    And cute slice of life anime is better than any sliced bread, how it’s possible for someone not to like it?

  11. >>I thought Mai-hime is pretty good. Mai otome though, needed to be longer. Having so many character, it should’ve given more background to each character.

    If Mai Otome had been longer, it would have sucked more. Sunrise wasn’t about to make it a good show, and it wasn’t a crap show because of its length. Saying that it needed to be longer is like saying that FSN needed to be longer.

    >>Azumanga is my favourite, but I thought Ichigo Mashimaro sucked: too artificial, trying too hard.

    Azumanga and Ichigo Mashimaro shouldn’t be compared; one of them is high school life comedy, and the other is loli comedy. They’re on entirely different levels, and their similarities exist only to trip people up. Ichigo Mashimaro wasn’t trying too hard to do anything, it pulled its gimmicks and it pulled them well, and it was damn cute to boot.

    >>feel free to post your confessions in the comments section, and all your anime sins will be forgiven


    1. I watched more than a single episode of Ultimate Girls.

    I don’t admit to this on my watch list, though. Mainly because they were out of order, and at the time I wasn’t keeping a list. I even kind of liked the episode where the giant TV-monster-thingy goes down on Big Boobs. Oh, and Lolita-UG bugs my shitless. Lolis shouldn’t be that huge and fugly.

    2. I haven’t finished Cowboy Bebop.

    One thing I won’t touch when it comes to anime, no matter how popular or potentially good it might be, is space anime. I have some inherent fear of sci-fi anime, and the epitome of this is space. It’s what I disliked most about certain episodes of Evangelion, it’s what Infinite Ryvius surprisingly worked around with its awesomeness, it’s what has kept me from watching all those good space-set shows (and the not-so-good ones), and it’s most likely what’s helped me avoid watching past episode five of Cowboy Bebop.

    3. I consume gross amounts of anime in inappropriate amounts of time.

    I might have a low average anime-per-day rate, but that’s just because there’s only so much anime at my fingertips to watch. When I get my hands on a show, I’ll ususally marathon the crap out of it. Interspersing that with continuing my 25 weekly anime watching. I need to cut back, but for some reason I can’t. It’s a real pity.

    4. I’m not a lolicon.

    It’s a long story, but the reason I’m here with my blog and this online identity is basically the bastard lovechild of stupid and internalization. I feel more idiotic than silly doing this, so it’s all good!

    5. I don’t approve of loliyuri ice cream.

    While my stance towards bl, gl, age differences, and incest in relationships is something like “let’em do what they want, if that’s how they feel for eachother”, I don’t condone little manga/anime girls touching eachother in print/ on screen. It’s digusting.

    6. I watch a lot of bad anime. A huge amount of serious crap.

    In case you’ve missed it, I’ve seen 8 episodes of Joshikousei and 10 of Soul Link. Not to mention the couple UG episodes, the first season of Rizelmine, Ichigo 100%, and various other shits of the anime world.

    7. Depressing anime makes me physically weak.

    When watching Saikano, my biological machine’s functions began decreasing in efficiency. KGNE made me lie on my bed for hours on end, not moving. Interlude, Wolf’s Rain, and many many others have all made me feel like garbage. It’s another form of anime masochism. On the one hand, I watch bad anime and it’s painful, on the other, I watch good dark anime and it’s painful.

    8. I cried a lot for anime.

    I cried when Misuzu was walking on the beach crying “mama”.
    I cried when Mikoto cried.
    I cried when Tate died.
    I cried when Akemi died.
    I cried when the town that Shuji and Chise ran away to got blown up.
    I cried when Himeko was sitting around after being deflowered by Chikane.
    I cried when Chikane was slashing at Himeko while telling her how much she loved her.
    I cried when Chikane and Himeko realized that they couldn’t be together.
    I cried when Chika-chan gained a kilo of weight.
    I cried when all the characters of Wolf’s Rain started dying.
    I cried when I realized that Suzumiya_2 loved Takayuki.
    I cried when Aoi fell off the cliff.
    I cried when Nina and Serge did the good thing.

    9. I have one figurine.

    I got it in a grab bag at the con that I paraded around with a “10. I have not seen several big, well-known, commonly-referenced shows, such as Shana or School Rumble.

    I’m busy with other anime, like Joshikousei.

  12. Holy crap, Lolikitsune! That’s like, a whole blog entry! Thanks for replying and all, but don’t you have your own blog that you can stick this in? I mean, that’s what I’d do (free post!).

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who hasn’t finished Cowboy Bebop.

  13. The only confession I have to make is that I’m not really an anime fan. I mean, I watch anime, but there are about 6 or 7 other things that I’d rather do instead.

    I don’t think there’s anything with a grown-up heterosexual male liking slice of life stuff. Azumanga Daioh doesn’t even count, since it’s situational comedy (that’s like saying any guy who likes Friends and Everybody Loves Raymond is gay).

    I only watch 2 or 3 shows a season so I miss out on a lot of good shows, but that’s no big deal for me as long as I enjoy what I watch.

    P.S. POKEMON ANIME ROCKS! I’d wake up early every morning to catch it on Cheeze TV when I was in year 7 or 8.

  14. I have a huge backlog too, but I keep getting tempted by that 1st episode of ‘x’ anime I haven’t seen yet…

    Only seen a few episodes of Mai Hime, and it’s worse because I cosplayed Natsuki Kuga without bothering to watch her in the storyline more. :S

    I have all of Cowboy Bebop…somewhere…it’s underneath more anime ‘stuff’. >

  15. >>Holy crap, Lolikitsune! That’s like, a whole blog entry! Thanks for replying and all, but don’t you have your own blog that you can stick this in?

    I was originally going to, but then when I was rereading your post I thought you wanted us to post our confessions in comments here… my bad? :\

    Gomen nasai gomen nasai gomen nasai gomen nasai gomen nasai gomen nasai gomen nasai

  16. hmm…I grew up watching mecha anime, and I’m a sucker for Gundam and Macross. I don’t know if there’s a cure for it though, and I’m not looking for one anyway =p

    And Cowboy Bebop, I hope I get to watch it this year.

  17. Confession? Hmmm…

    The first 3 anime I watched (outside of the ones shown in TV back in my country, like Saint Seiya and Doraemon, etc) was Ah My Goddess OVA, Gun Smith Cats, and Golden Boy. I’m shamed to admit that I like Golden Boy more than the other two combined. In fact, I might like it too much for it’s toilet joke 😀 And I liked Gun Smith Cats more than AMG. There’s nothing like a fight between hot femme-fatales, just like the one between Levy and Mad Dog Meido.

    I’m also guilty of having a huge backlog.

  18. There is nothing to confess: your tastes are too normal to even be considered. :p

    Remember, anime is targeted at different segagements, and your post seem to imply that you hang out with the more “shounen” leaning group while you learn toward the “seinen” group. Anime is a medium, not a genre.

    If you put three brain cells together, one would very quickly realize that shows like Launme, Ichigo Mashimaro, Azmanga Daioh, Di Gi Charat are all targeted at male audiences. (Launme is a erogame convert, Ichigo Mashimaro, Di Gi Charat and Azmanga Daioh are ALL serialized on Dengeki Daihou, a MALE targeting manga magzine) *I think you need this mag*

    While you write this blog entry, in Japan an new group of suckers seeking the perfection of moe retreat to hikikomori-dom. (haha) You are not weird at all, but fits PERFECTLY within the targeting strategy of the Japanese moe-cute segagment of the ACG industry.

    Even “crying-anime” are targeted at largely at the same group of people. There is gotta be people watching Air, Kanon and Saikano. There is even a complete sub-genre of “cry” erogame which gets converted into some of the anime listed.

    Within this frame work, it is no surprise that traditional shounen “fightfests” don’t appeal. After all most people in this group is more interested in new innovations in seifuku design than yet another super duper secret ninja art.
    The only problem is that you probably live in the horrible land of united states where mascunility requirements means going ZOMG MOE!!!!! makes you a queer.

    Consider yourself normal till you start doing this:

    I’m surprised people that have blogs that show up on wordpress would consider this all strange at all. Consider the people at heisei democracy….. >_>

    finally……. MIU-CHAN SUGOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111one!11!1

    P.S. Quote: Depressing anime makes me physically weak.
    Absolutely. Grave of Fireflies = wasted for a whole day. Kiminozo binge = stuck on bed for 6 hours afterwards….

  19. 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 are all true for me ^_^

    And GOOD ON YOU lolikitsune for watching Joshikousei – good anime should always take precedence over bad (or should that be the other way round -_-)

  20. I’ve never finished Cowboy Bebop either! And I think Sailor Moon is one of the greatest anime ever… right alongside Pokemon. And as for Strawberry Panic…. Episode twelve is… INTERESTING… They have all the episodes for free on Youtube.

  21. =OOO

    So that means you haven’t seen EVA?

    Anyway…..Its been years since I’ve seen the original pokemon, I still remember the Teamrocket speech thing.

    Prepare for trouble
    Make it double
    To Protect the world from devastation
    To unite all people within our nation
    To denounce the evils of truth and love
    To extend our reach to the stars above
    Team rocket blast off at the speed of light
    Surrender now or prepare to fight
    Meowth! Thats right!

    I hate how they change ash’s/Satoshi’s original voice in the english version D;

  22. I know this is late but hey, i’m a guy and i also enjoy ichigo mashimaro as much as you do and yea, it is cute and the sequel is coming as ova soon yay! of course, i also recommend it so don’t fret about it

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