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Adventures of the ASOS Brigade Episode 002 – The Invasion of Bang Zoom

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So after catching Patricia Ja Lee fever (but not really), I was stoked to see what the next episode of the asos brigade would bring. Haruhi in a bunny suit!? They totally had a poll, but guess what? No bunny suit.

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Move Over, Hirano Aya! Patricia Ja Lee Is My New Haruhi!


So quite a while back, like in December, was claimed and a few promotional videos for the North American licensing of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya were created. In these videos, we see a new Haruhi. Not Hirano Aya (or Hinano), but Patricia Ja Lee! Apparently she was the yellow pink power ranger after the first one died. Hey, does the “yellow” power ranger always have to be Asian!?

I was never really into the power rangers, since they were popular around the time I had outgrown that type of show. Of course, if I had been as much of a weeaboo then as I am now, and if I knew the show was based on a Japanese sentai show, I probably would’ve been a huge fan! Sad, huh?

Anyway, back to the point. Patricia Ja Lee beats the pants (skirt?) off of Hirano Aya in terms of hotness! Maybe it’s just because she decided to put on glasses for a few seconds (meganekko Haruhi for the win!) but I think I’ve fallen hard. Plus she’s really good at speaking English, which is bragable. I also like her really bad acting, which I think is purposeful (I hope).

Does anyone else think this new Haruhi is uber hot? Or is it just me? Seriously, with all of the fuss that’s always being made about Hirano Aya, you’d think there’d be more PJL fan sites up… I’m making a new poll, so be sure to vote for your Haruhi of choice!

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New Nihongo de Kurasou – Getting Angry

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While browsing around the Tokyo Toshokan, I came across a torrent called “Nihongo de Kurasou – Getting Angry.” I figured it would be an instructional video on how go berserk in Japanese when peeved. I’ve always been afraid that if I were ever to get mad and I had to speak in Japanese, I’d just add English expletives and sound dumb. Plus, I could totally imagine the entertainment value of seeing Japanese people go postal in an instructional video!