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Big Dreams Little Tokyo Release Date: 07/22/08

A while back, I reviewed a movie called “Big Dreams Little Tokyo.” I liked it a lot, and I’m happy to announce that the film is actually on its way to a DVD release. I used to be a film (media arts) student, so I’m pretty psyched whenever an indie film gets some support behind it. This film is about a likeable weeaboo, so that’s gotta be double-support from me.

Anyway, the movie is available for pre-order on Amazon, so check out my review and if you want, pre-order it!

P.S. I wouldn’t really endorse this movie unless I liked it. Sure, there are some flaws in the acting and writing, but from what I recall, the movie was pretty entertaining to me from the perspective of an American who has an interest in Japanese culture.

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Big Dreams Little Tokyo – Movie Review


Big Dreams Little Tokyo is not an anime, manga, or live action dorama. It’s an American indie film with a huge dash of Japanese culture references. Basically, fair game for review on this blog. Or so I declare.

Also, this review is based on an advance screener copy of the film. Apparently it’s going to be released in theaters and on DVD in early ’08. So you can’t watch this yet. Gomen.

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Negima Live Action Drama in the Works!?

This is just some random cosplay image I found on sagbooru, or danbooru 2, or whatever the new danbooru is.

So according to ComiPress, there’s going to be a Negima live action drama! And that’s about all the news there is.

Personally, I dunno if a live action Negima can work. I don’t know if there’s any real life kids who could fit the Negima role well. Plus with all the girls, I’d have a feeling it’d be hard to tell them all apart (unless they actually had pink hair, etc).

Also, would you really want to watch a 7 year old boy get into ecchi situations with 13 year old girls in real life? The anime version works because the girls at least look like they’re older than that. You can sorta suspend your disbelief when it’s anime and manga, but with real life? I think it’d just be creepy.

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The Adventures of the ASOS Brigade 005 – Haruhi Meets The Box

Adventures of the ASOS Brigade 005 01Adventures of the ASOS Brigade 005 02Adventures of the ASOS Brigade 005 03Adventures of the ASOS Brigade 005 04Adventures of the ASOS Brigade 005 05Adventures of the ASOS Brigade 005 06Adventures of the ASOS Brigade 005 07Adventures of the ASOS Brigade 005 08Adventures of the ASOS Brigade 005 09

So the next episode of The Adventures of the ASOS Brigade has come out! For some reason this one is number 005. So they’re skipping around like the original Haruhi anime? Great… In this episode, Haruhi gets a tip about a secret alien base. She, Mikuru and Yuki go to Area 42.

They stalk around and find a real life alien closet! The closet is some kind of clothes changing one. So Yuki gets the witch costume and Mikuru gets the bunny suit from Asahina Mikuru no Bouken. Would it have killed them to get Patricia Ja Lee in a bunny suit? Seriously, that’s how you sell dvds!