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Mikan Watch #2: Kamichu!

It’s been a while since I updated my Mikan Watch series… like three years? Oh well.

I was watching Kamichu with my girlfriend and I spotted a mikan box in episode three at around the 5:40 mark. I tried explaining to her that they’re kind of like easter eggs, and I’d point them out in other anime. I think she just wanted to continue watching the show, though.

This mikan box is a bit boring, because it doesn’t even have a picture of a mikan on it.

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Awwww, dammit – I’ve been meaning to re-watch Kamichu to see if I could pick up on one in there. I actually asked the series director about Mikan Boxes after a screening of his new movie, Welcome to the Space Show, a couple of months ago and he said it was “something he tended to do”, so I’d assumed there’d be one in Kamichu somewhere

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