Manga Review

Haridama Magic Cram School: Manga Review

Haridama is the story of a underdog ninja pirate magician who has the goal of becoming the next hokage pirate king most powerful magician in the world! Original!

Anime Preview

Akiba-chan: Figumation Anime?

While adding some Summer series to Anime Nano from Moetron’s seasonal list of awesomeness, I noticed this new “anime” called Akiba-chan. It’s slated for release in late July.

It’s basically a CG series using figures as the characters. Either that or it’s actually using stop-motion animation. I can’t really tell from the description. The process is called “Figumation” but I’m assuming it’d all be CG, kinda like that Hatsune Miku Nendoroid video.

Akiba-chan also looks like it’ll be a kid’s show. As I’ve learned from shows like Animal Yokocho, kid’s shows can be pretty entertaining (and easier to understand raw). Plus the figures just look really cute. It probably won’t get picked up, but if I can find some raws for Akiba-chan I might check out a few episodes to see what it’s all about.

DVD Live Action Review

Honey And Clover: Live Action Movie Review

Holding a special place in my heart for stuff that’s natsukashii, Honey and Clover is one of my favorite series. It’s the timeless story of a group of college kids figuring out how life works. Basically, Honey and Clover makes me want to stay in college forever.