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Big Dreams Little Tokyo Release Date: 07/22/08

A while back, I reviewed a movie called “Big Dreams Little Tokyo.” I liked it a lot, and I’m happy to announce that the film is actually on its way to a DVD release. I used to be a film (media arts) student, so I’m pretty psyched whenever an indie film gets some support behind it. This film is about a likeable weeaboo, so that’s gotta be double-support from me.

Anyway, the movie is available for pre-order on Amazon, so check out my review and if you want, pre-order it!

P.S. I wouldn’t really endorse this movie unless I liked it. Sure, there are some flaws in the acting and writing, but from what I recall, the movie was pretty entertaining to me from the perspective of an American who has an interest in Japanese culture.

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@korasora: It might be the fact that he’s a huge loser that makes him sort of likeable. But I guess most weeaboo are losers… Hmmm….

@Zeroblade: You better believe it!

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