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Kanokon – Quick Impressions

I’m actually watching a couple of first episodes this season, mainly because I need a way to procrastinate doing all the stuff I’ve got due this week. I think Kanokon was one of the first anime out with subs so here goes:


Kanokon features a tsundere meganekko iinchou. A good way to start out!


Apparently clingy girl likes to cling onto Kouta, the protagonist, but iinchou gets in the way of their fun. Also, Kouta is supposed to be in high school with the rest of these kids, but he looks like he’s 10. Clingy girl’s brother has a thing for iinchou (good taste!).


Mysterious family is mysterious!


Clingy girl turns out to be a kitsune. I think this spells trouble for Kouta.


This isn’t what it looks like! Oh wait, actually it is. Kouta sure does make weird faces when being raped by a kitsune. You’d think he’d look a little more happy about it.


Clingy girl’s bro comes in and dishes out a fox block. But then clingy girl and Kouta merge. For a second I thought, “Naruto?” Anyway, possessed Kouta shows his/her power by tossing a giant fireball. There’s some contrived explanation about how their love == power. Or something.

So my explanation of the episode took a few sentences. You know what? This episode lasted like, 24 minutes. And besides the fanservice, it was really, really slow. It seems like there’s not one original idea in here. Has anime turned into a series of cliches and… well, just cliches? Maybe this is why I stopped watching as much anime as I used to.

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