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School Days – Anime First Impressions

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School Days, School Days, dear old hentai game days…

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School Days, School Days, dear old hentai game days…

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School Days is an anime based on a hentai game. I’d already probably be not watching this, except that the plot seems somewhat unique. The game involves a guy and two girls, forming what I like to call, a “love triangle” with each lover forming a side of this theoretical polygon. The game actually has a few endings that are realistic where one of the jilted lovers goes Nevada-tan and knifes either the guy or the other girl! As far as I know, there’s no Jerry Springer show endings, though.

I’m really tired of these game turned anime having lame endings, so I’m looking forward to seeing one of the bad endings. I’m sure there must be a “good” ending where no one dies, but that’d be lame to animate. Maybe the anime will end up being like Higurashi no Naku Koro ni and show many endings, since the progression is moving really fast.

I guess I should describe the story… Makoto is a new student entering high school. He’s had a crush on this girl who rides the same train as him for a while. Sekai (the world!) is another girl in his same class that tries to hook the two up since they all go to the same high school. Sekai hooks Kotonoha and Makoto up pretty successfully, though it’s readily apparent that Sekai likes Makoto as well. LOVE TRIANGLE GET!

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So yeah, the rest of the anime will probably be Makoto doing his best impression of Takayuki from Kimi ga Nozomu Eien ni, switching from girl to girl. Hopefully in the end, he’ll get knifed! Sorry, but I’m really, really tired of boring ren’nai games.

As far as the art and animation goes, it seems pretty average to me. The girls are cute, but nothing to write home about (dear mom, I saw this really cute girl in anime!). Sekai seems like the better girl (she’s weird, and her name means THE WORLD). I noticed a lot of talking heads and little animation. Maybe they’re saving it for the gruesome action later on!

If I knew nothing about the awesome endings, I’d probably just drop this anime, but maybe I’ll stay on for a bit and see what happens.

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I totally like this anime. Along with Zero no Tsukaima and Umisho my 3 picks of the season! I know nothing about the game and its endings however .. but the girls are cute (Kotonoha totally reminds me of Suzuka’s Honoka!

Well, I saw only the two first eps. of the anime series and I think that it will be great. The story is much of a cliche, but is always enjoyable(reminds of ours school days).I really like the character design, the animation and the voice acting.

at first, i thought it was just a typical love triangle among teenagers but i’m wrong. i didn’t expect the ending of the story because of the first episode flows smoothly and nice but i like the story its unique and i guess it also happeneds in real life. its more on love and betrayal.

i did not like this anime, personally. i liked it until the ending.
i think sainji was waaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy tooo harsh on makoto by stabbing him three million times. makoto and kotonoha would have been together but ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …stupid sainji.

I watched the whole series and a few of its various endings, but in one of the endings makoto dies for like eight straight minutes…very satisfying cuz by the end of the series you want to kick the sh*@#t out of him!!

“tinaa” though youll probably never read this id like to say that he got her pregnant and fucked with her brain for two years

I like the story of the anime.. it may or may not happen to people but it gives you idea on how and what may happen if you play with other’s feelings.. good for mature people to watch.. those who doesnt understand the story.. well, you need to get older before you understand what the writer is trying to point out, out of the story… two thumbs up for this anime..

watching this anime for the first few eps was ok but then later on it was pissing the crap out of me….. turning 2 poor girls in to killer T_T, but i feel sad for no one in this anime but only one kotonoha little sister =[ she look up to her big sister! To bad it ended like that i was hopping for their friends/family reaction then the cop hunt down Kotonoho lol…. i rather see that ending then some lame with kotonoho hugging makoto head… that scene #*&Q@(#(

I feel sorry for everyone even though Kotonoha and Saionji are getting fool to makoto because it was fault by everybody. but before the last episode, I hated Itou because he agrees in every time in term of s3x. He was imedietly influence by that “smooch” then after that scene, he learned how to manage it… And before he died, he was having it as fun for four girl (Kotonoha, Saionji, setsuna and nanami)

what a cruel man! (Makoto) doing such thing and hurting girlssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss, very O.A Saionji of killing Makoto because of his cruel manners. And crazy Kotonoha that really, REALLY! freaking me out of bringing his head out of the bot and killed Saionji cause of killing her him. Kotonoha is really crazy because she showed Makoto’s head to Saionji and one of the reason that she killed her was to check if there was a baby inside or nothing at all! She annoy me at all time because I all think is about this anime with worsties of worsties anime ending that i saw in anime series.

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