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Zombie-Loan – Anime First Impressions

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Zombie-Loan: When Zombie Banks Compete, You Win!

Zombie-Loan 01Zombie-Loan 02Zombie-Loan 03Zombie-Loan 04Zombie-Loan 05Zombie-Loan 06Zombie-Loan 07Zombie-Loan 08Zombie-Loan 09

Zombie-Loan: When Zombie Banks Compete, You Win!

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So, Zombie-Loan. Stupid name, but can it possibly be a good anime? Let’s see. The protagonist is an anemic girl who wears glasses, wears twintails, and gets bossed around. Okay, sounds good! Someone was doing their “what does Hung like?” homework. Kita Michiru is constantly bossed around. By her classmates, her foster parents, and more recently, by A-kun and B-kun. A and B are famous for having survived some kind of incident where everyone else died. Like Harry Potter! Or not really.

One day, Michiru happens upon A and B whupping on some helpless pup! The puppy happens to be a member of the undead. They’re also about to kill Michiru, but I guess they ended up feeling sorry for her. The next day, they ask for her help. Why? Because she has the eyes of a shinigami! No, she didn’t agree to cut half of her life off, that’s another manga.

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Michiru uses her eyes to look for people with black rings around their neck. The blacker, the more dead they are. Incidentally, A-kun and B-kun have totally black lines around their necks, which means they’re totally dead. But they took out a ZOMBIE-LOAN (with a low 9.68 APR), so it’s okay. Michiru fails at the ring spotting miserably. She finds old ladies and punks, but no zombies.

At the end of the day, the don’t find any zombies, but maybe that wasn’t the point. Maybe all they were looking for was the memories that they created while looking for zombies! Precious memories that will live in their hearts forever! Nah, they were looking for zombies. Cliffhanger: Michiru sees a dark grey ring developing around her neck! OH SNAP!

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So yeah, the art for Zombie-Loan is excellent. Peach-Pit (of DearS and Rozen Maiden fame) were behind it, so it’s no surprise that the character designs are pretty sweet. Animation is pretty solid too.

I’ve heard this story is actually shoujo. So there should be more romance and less zombie hunting? I’m not quite sure where the plot is going, it’ll take a few more episodes to really find out.

The OP and ED for this anime are pure garbage. Pure. Garbage. That’s all I’ll say about that.

Zombie-Loan is sort of an on the fence anime for me right now. I’m kinda strapped for time these days, so I might just do Potemayo and Umisho. Sorry, but this Zombie-Loan has been declined.

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10 replies on “Zombie-Loan – Anime First Impressions”

9.68 APR isn’t that good. It’s not really much better than a credit card. However, I was surprised by the reasonable humor (especially ring-spotting) and how Michiru was not as annoying as I thought she’d be.

It’s hard to tell how this series will go from the first episode, but I saw enough to want to see another episode.

Watch ep2 before you decide. Stuff happens. And Kuwashima Houko gets even better as Michiru. But I’m the only person in the world who thinks the OP is excellent, so your mileage may vary.

Even though this series is classified as shounen on ANN, I’d still say it’s shoujo. Or more like a shounen-wannabe shoujo. Seriously, more than half the series focuses on dorama and relationships. I didn’t get that far in the manga but I saw no power-up arcs, big evil bosses/enemies, and etc. So yeah, I still say this is shoujo but for all I care you can go ahead and say that I can’t classify things.

P.S: There isn’t that much of a plot either. Or for two volumes and two chapters there isn’t.

Don’t worry, hashihime, you’re not the only one. I really like it too.

As for the series itself, I’m not sure what to think. So far it’s just Michiru being pushed around by the guys; something that Rozen Maiden already covered, but with dolls.

I’m sure the cliffhanger will change things in the storyline, but I doubt it’ll really change how the other characters act, that is, unless they want her business at Z-Loan.

I agree about the opening and ending. It just plain sucked. Good thing I had nothing better to do and watched it. I watched the second episode and it’s a bit promising. I’m just hoping for some zombie-kicking action. So far, they’ve been showing that in the first and second episode.

Oooh! I personally really like this anime ^^. Yea, the begining was kinda bleh, but it all works out. =3

OMG i love the OP! I don’t see how people don’t like it.. the ED was pretty good, too. >.<!

Awwh, c’mon, Hung! Be nice. This series is adorable, if not terribly unique. Perhaps I’m just not that jaded yet (oh, no, wait… yeah, I am) but I adore the Japanese voice cast, and can’t help but appreciate the fact that, while the series may be shoujo, it’s got some pretty decent ass-kicking (of puppies).

Plus, it doesn’t take Michiru EIGHT BILLION EPISODES to get away from her obnoxious aunt and uncle. That’s points for her right there.

Bonus for the distinct lack of a chipmunk voice for her Japanese voice actress.

I really like this anime. The manga seems to cut off at a certain point, because i can’t find any more of it- it really sucks. The anime OP makes me feel like someone’s taking a cheese grater to my ears. The ending is okayish. The anime itself, the storyline, animation, it’s all very well done. The soundtrack itself is what made me start watching. It’s literally the best soundtrack of any anime I’ve watched (which is way more than is healthy). But yeah, it’s on my iPod…
Watch the show. DO it.

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