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Ah! My Goddess 2: Free Anime Download + Free Manga Day


Continuing with the anime downloading theme from yesterday’s Death Note announcement, it looks like the first episode of Ah! My Goddess (well, the second season) is available at IGN. I haven’t seen the first season (I watched the OVA like 10 years ago), so this episode probably won’t make sense to me. It’s only streaming, which is kind of sad. Oh, and I remember watching some mini-goddess, too. That series was pretty funny, as I recall.

Oh, and speaking of free, tomorrow is Cinco De Mayo. Err… free comic book day! This should probably include some kind of manga as well. I missed it last year, and I have a feeling I will also miss it this year. Because who can be bothered to shop in physical locations when you have

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Ah, Cinco De Mayo, the holiday celebrated by many Mexicans and Americans of the day that the Mexicans bested the French army. . .because they had a disagreement over which was better the Ichigo Marshmallow manga versus anime.

Or something like that, right?

I dropped by 4 comics book stores today and got 5 free samplers. Overall kinda crappy, and there were only, what, one or two manga samplers this year (which I missed by waking up late.. -_-). If you’re going next year, be sure to get going before noon.

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