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So there’s more details about the Death Note legal abune download thing I wrote about a while back. Apparently Viz will be using Direct2Drive to sell episodes of Death Note. They’ll be subtitled, and you can start downloading them on May 10th.

I hadn’t heard about this Direct2Drive thing before so I checked it out. Apparently they have a bunch of live action shows like 24 and Arrested Development. All episodes are $1.99, so we can probably assume Death Note will be as well. This fits with the price that Funimation anime is going for on iTunes.

It still seems to me that iTunes would be the way to go though, what with the huge user base. Either way, it seems like good news to me. It also reminds me: I should really continue that Legal Anime Downloading service review series that I had started with ADV…

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Picture quality of itunes downloads still sucks. It’s low res and looks like crap if you play it full screen.

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