Broccoli Books’ New Manga Imprint: Boysenberry


From a Broccoli Books press release:

Los Angeles, CA (February 21, 2007) – Broccoli Books has announced their boys love imprint name, Boysenberry Books, and will launch it with three titles. Delivery Cupid, Pet on Duty, and Sex Friend will be released starting in Summer 2007. The website for Boysenberry Books, will launch in March 2007.

I’m thinkin’ the name sort of a pun. Like, “Boys en berry?” Maybe not. Boysenberry seems like it’ll be Broccoli Books’ boy’s love counterpart to Seven Seas Entertainment’s STRAWBERRY yuri line of manga. I have to say that I’ll probably be reading more of the latter than the former…

With all these specializing imprints, I wonder when a meganekko manga imprint will emerge. All meganekko, all the time? Sounds pretty sweet to me.

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