Funimation 2007 Kickoff Anime Licensing Extravaganaza! Ragnaraok + Suzuka


Apparently, Funimation has gone into some kind of anime licensing frenzy. They’re announcing a new anime license every day this week! So far they announced Ragnarok the Animation on Monday and Suzuka today.

As most people know, Ragnarok is that one online RPG that got turned into an anime. I think I saw the first episode (during a black out, when there was nothing else to do!) and it was really boring. I might have tried Ragnarok online (the game) for like 10 minutes. I don’t even remember. Ragnarok has a manga too, apparently. It looks kinda ugly though… So yeah, I’m not too excited about this one.

Suzuka is that one anime about the pole vaulter! This is one of the few anime series that I have watched to the end. The manga‘s been licensed by Del Rey for quite some time now, too. While the anime was sort of stupid, and the animation was pretty horrible, I couldn’t help but be interested in the whole love triangle thing. I wonder how Funimation is going to market this anime… Towards fans of anime pole vaulting romance? Also, the OP was pretty awesome. SUTAATO RAIN!

I’ll probably be giving commentary on the next few licenses this week, too. That is, unless the Wii doesn’t suck me in completely…

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This is the part where we find out if Funi REALLY got the rights to Mushishi, or if they were just being bullies~

Also, didn’t ADV Manga go on a spree like this just before they put everything on hold?

Wasn’t ADV always on a license spree? I’m still pretty mad that they’ve stalled on YotsubaAmpersand. That manga was tight!

“Wasn’t ADV always on a license spree?”

Well, yeah, that’s true…

And yeah, I’ll plenty bummed about Yotsuba&! getting stalled. Gunslinger Girl was another good one they got started on but never finished…

“Ragnarok has a manga too, apparently. It looks kinda ugly though… So yeah, I’m not too excited about this one.”

Don’t judge this one just by its cover. Although I haven’t played the game and didn’t particularly care for the anime, I really enjoy the Ragnarok manga. It has interesting characters with decent development, and a nice mix of fantasy and action. Like many action-oriented manga, the artwork has a tendency to be a bit too busy for my taste, but if that doesn’t bother you too much I would highly recommend it.

As I said, if you have played the game of RO for sometime, you could watch the anime and relate to experiences about it. It’s just like MOEPIC.

Haha so do you have to grind through the episodes until you reach “level” 26 or whatever?

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