New Poll: A Tale of Two Haruhis – Fujioka Haruhi Vs. Suzumiya Haruhi!


Okay, I think I used the word “Haruhi” enough in the title to get your attention.

This Spring Anime season has been pretty darn good. At the top of the heap (for me) are two anime starring girls named “Haruhi.” There’s The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and Ouran Host Club.

The eternally raging debate in my mind at the moment: which Haruhi is the better of the two? Certainly they both have their good points. Let’s do some analysis, AoMM style:


Okay, I think I used the word “Haruhi” enough in the title to get your attention.

This Spring Anime season has been pretty darn good. At the top of the heap (for me) are two anime starring girls named “Haruhi.” There’s The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and Ouran Host Club.

The eternally raging debate in my mind at the moment: which Haruhi is the better of the two? Certainly they both have their good points. Let’s do some analysis, AoMM style:


Suzumiya Haruhi is an archetype tsunderekko. Sure, she’s manipulative and bossy and when she gets bored the world ends, but that smile at the end of the day (almost) makes it worthwhile.

Fujioka Haruhi, on the other hand, is a nerd (+ points for me, I dunno about you). She’s pretty laid back considering he’s surrounded by hawt guys all the time. I’d label her as the kakkoii-type.
Edge: Fujioka


Suzumiya Haruhi has countless hairstyles, and she changes it everyday. Or at least she used to. I’m partial to the buns; it’s too bad she doesn’t wear those anymore…

Fujioka Haruhi has two hairstyles: short and long. Short looks infinitely better, but still not as cute as Suzumiya.
Edge: Suzumiya


Haruhi Vs Haruhi 02.jpg
Edge: Suzumiya


Suzumiya Haruhi: Hair flip, dancing.

Fujioka Haruhi: Poorness, ability to attract female race, instant coffee making skills, underdog.
Edge: Fujioka

Wow, it’s pretty much a tie (okay, so I tried skewing things to make for a better poll). Who do you think is the better Haruhi? Suzumiya or Fujioka? Vote, and be heard!

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The fact that SuzuHaru is either a cruel cruel bitch or someone with absolutely no idea what they’re doing is a huge turn off. The things she does to Mikuru aren’t her being a sexy tsunderekko- those are the things a real molestor does. She just generally seems like a bad person, whereas FujiHaru is a really thoughtful one. Not to mention FujiHaru can be funny from time to time and SuzuHaru is never the one cracking jokes.

I vote for Haruhi! Fujioka Haruhi, that is. I don’t like Suzumiya at all, I prefer Yuki in that show anyway.

But F Haruhi’s coolness, sincerity, calmness, intellect, resistance to peer pressure etc makes her totally awesome. Episode 5 shows just how interesting and observant she is, compared to other girls (in that show of course). It helps that she’s the only non-fan girl in that show. And she’s cute when it comes to food.

Suzumiya Haruhi by a thousand miles !!

I have read quite a few shoujo manga where the lead behave a lot like the other Haruhi… Pure cliché. Her blasé attitude bores me so I don’t find her really interesting.

On the other hand, Suziyuma is one of a kind !! Hell, she’s god !!!

Heh, interesting, based on your analysis, Haruhi Suzumiya wins in terms of looks, while Haruhi Fujioka wins in terms of character. ^_^;

Anyway, my vote goes to Haruhi Fujioka. At least she can think for herself. In any case, more than Suzumiya does. ^^;

I love both shows and both characters… but in terms of impact on my consciousness… Suzumiya no contest.

Like comparing the sheer awesomeness of Ouran to The Melancholy…, Haruhi Fujioka wins easily despite the strong competition. There’s just something so awfully cute and sweet about her eyes, among other things, that propels her beyond her namesake.

Haruhiism 4TW!!!

C’mon…. Suzumiya Haruhi has her own cult/religion… while the other Haruhi just merely has some bishounens on her side.

Cult/Religion >>> Host Club.

If it wasn’t for Fujioka, I would not be enjoying Ouran as much as I am. Hell, it would not be my #1 series of the season if not for Fujioka.

and apparently if Suzumiya is god…
Fujioka > god

First thoughs: What the hell did that fan-artist do to Suzumiya’s face?!

Second thoughts: Suzumiya Haruhi is made of win and gold.

I think the simplest method of determining the Haruhi-est Haruhi is to make them switch places and see who is most capable of doing the other’s job.

Fujioka, being an amiable sort, would probably get along nicely with Kyon et. al.; I have a feeling she’d even be able to lead them in a crazy dance number. But I don’t see her as having the creative vision to produce a cinematic masterpiece like The Adventures of Mikuru Asahina; and her laid-back, practical attitude combined with Kyon’s laid-back, practical attitude, Itsuki’s laid-back, mysterious attitude, Mikuru’s timidness and Yuki’s disaffectedness, will probably lead to SOS-dan being quickly disbanded for lack of driving energy.

For Suzumiya, remaining unaffected by and oblivious to the attentions of various hot bishounen would be second nature; after all, as far as she’s concerned, Earth men are no more worthy of attention than potatoes. And while she would not be able to pass herself off as a cute boy to attract female clients, the sheer terrifying force of her personality is enough that she could probably convince (bully, cajole, or blackmail) a thousand girls to designate her anyway.

FINAL VERDICT: Suzumiya seems to have the edge.

That having been said… the Haruhis should not be pitted against each other! They should become Best Friends Forever, like the two Nanas!!!

As far as I can tell Fujioka actually plays the more ‘Kyon’ role in Ouran. The SOS-dan would completely fall apart if you put the cynicism of both of them together… On the other hand putting Suzumiya together with Renge… *shivers* OMH(aruhi)

I like both. But, actually, I have other favourite characters in both shows. Kyon in Suzuharu and Tamaki in Ouran. No, I’m not gay.

Fujioka Haruhi definitely wins.

Suzumiya comes out as an obnoxiously annoying character that i just can’t stand. Kyon’s cool though.

Let’s do the Seiyuu test.

Suzumiya – Aya Hirano. Not bad. Does Mamori from Eyeshield 21.

Fujioka – Maaya Sakamoto. Beneficiary of many Yoko Kanno songs. Hitomi in Escaflowne.

Aya’s pretty nice, but I’ve been a Maaya fanboy for 10 years. Fujioka wins!

FUJIOKA Haruhi!! She’s The BEST! ^0^
I Totally Adore Her and Worship Her! *0* *3* (And I’m a Women Too! see what she has done to me! xDD)

On the other hand I Kind of dislike Susumiya’s personality. ¬¬

Suzumiya = INSTANT FAIL for moe tsunderekko archetype (present in every other shounen anime/h-game)
Fujioka = INSTANT WIN just for being in Ouran (which is, btw, a big fat bishounen archetype mockery)

Ah, Fujioka Haruhi and her laid-back ‘I’d snark, but it would go straight over their heads’ attitude.
Ah, the lone island of reason (and, uh, poverty) in the sea of insanity (and wealth).
Ah, the vain-rich-idiots’-bubble-bursting, immune to the assorted prettyboys’ advances, scared of nothing (besides thunder and stupidity) ‘commoner girl’.

She’s herself. Even when she crossdresses. And she crossdresses with wild success (wild success = having a horde of fangirls, whom she entertains for money)

F.Haruhi FTW!

I like them both. But yea, Ouran seems like the conventional anime, oh well i like my classics. Fujioka is adorable but Suzumiya is gorgeous. Suzumiya is funny cuz she is just so weird and Fujioka is so funny and she’s NOT as weird. I guess uh…fujioka. Her being dressed up in guy clothes and being stuck in a host club of hot men i cant say is normal, but other than that she’s a relatable and real character. and that i DEFINATELY am unable to lie about.

I’m different.. I love the strange people. I like it more when the unpredictable happens rather then the same rude remarks from Fujioka.

Suziyuma is indeed my favorite.

Let me weigh a few things here.

Fujioka Haruhi – gets sucked into a club
Suzumiya Haruhi – creates a club

Fujioka – smart, cute
Suzumiya – smart, Hot, talented, athletic

Fujioka – easily persuaded by food
Suzumiya – only persuaded by Kyon

Fujioka – is forced into cosplaying
Suzumiya – forces other women into cosplaying

Fujioka – surrounded by bishonens
Suzumiya – surrounded by espers, time travelers, and aliens

Fujioka – As a man I would not want to be any member of her club
Suzumiya – I would love to be in Kyon shoes, cause me and him think to much alike

Suzumiya wins, but I give much respect to Fujioka

Wait, should there even be a contest between the two ? I’d rather have a comparison than a ‘competiton’…. I love them both. To say I like one more than the other would be a betrayal of just how great their personalities are.


Fujioka Haruhi….. I just started watching the series, but Fujioka-san is unique in every sense of the word. SHe’s an A-cup (yes, I know, the chest bit), but the fact that she can be incredibly attractive in ever sense of the word despite her androgynous features is amazing. No, what is more amazing is that she can retain her feminine features without becoming too androgynous. This is rare. Also, she is the Alpha Female… surrounded by a harem of guys. Being a stereotype is one, having a harem of stereotypes is another thing…. have two stereotypes that haven’t met before is unique.

In fact, my only problem with Fujioka is that she’s a *bit* to strong. I was hoping for something like a female version of Keitaro, which was how I initially pecieved her during the first episode, but, she developed some strength, and handles the boys well. WHile that’s good, I wish she had a more loserly feeling. But maybe that’s just me. ALso, the boy occasionally come on too strong. Then again…. Tamaki is the example of the tundere male. Perfect.


Haruhi Suzumiya…. let me put her this way.

Take NieA_7. Tjis was my fave. anime character at one time. Now, take Kaolla Su, and take Edward. All three of them had Size A chests, but were icnredibly eccentric, hyper and unique. Now, take Excel Excel and Azumanga Daioh’s Tomoe. Put were hyper and reasonably chested…. but were real idiots. Mix all 5, and you get Haruhi SUzumiya. Divided by two, without an addition of Azumanga Daioh’s Osaka. ANd maybe alittle bit of Hirano Aya.

Suzumiya-san is just out of this world. Sure, she’s a little bit mean towards Mikuru-chan, but that’s one out of a number of flaws. Sure, she’s incredibly selfish, but not in the bitchy or annoying sort of way. Haruhi is unique in a really special way, and that is a rarity.

Not to mention that Kyon’s sarcasm reminds me a lot of Edmund BlackAdder-san. Fujioka Haruhi has that sarcasm, but it’s more relevant to Ouran which is literally meant to be a joke. Kyon’s sarcasm, however, puts things into perspective, and gives the ordinary viewer something to understand.


In the end, it boils down to the anime series:

Ouran High School Host Club is a plain old comedy, and a reverse harem parody. While I didn’t like the huge extravagance of Ouran High (I disdain th extravagantly rich), it was done in parody format, so it made me happy.

But, I still prefer Haruhi Suzummiya due to its exploration inrelatively big scientific and philosophical cocnepts. iT’s short 13 episodes could have been lengthened, if it wast for the fact that the manga is incomplete, so they could only do 13 episodes.


Now… if the places were swapped…..:

Haruhi Suzumiya is all the reason why the SOS-Dan existed. In fact, it was what made the SOS-dan the SOS-dan. Fujioka-san is a bit too serious, and I doubt she’d be interested in all that. For her to be God, the series would have to change. Take Fujioka Haruhi as God, and you’d basically have an androgynous version of Serial Expeirments Lain, as Fujioka-san would have tor eally act up and get all emotional and angsty. On top of that, Kyon would have to be somehting of a long lost childhood friend of FUjioka that develops the hots for Mikuru, but runs back to Fujioka-san at the last moment,. Or somethign like that.

As for Ouran…. Haruhi Suzumiya in the girls uniform would be a hoot. However, both she and Renge will turn Ouran High School into their doman, with a proud statue of the yuri couple on the front lawn, and with more than a thousand girls at their feet. The Host club will have to be closed and renamed the “Haruhi-Renge” club, with all 5 male memebrs as their enslaved manservants. Then again…. Kyouya is about as crafty as Itsuki… so they really do work out things well.


I tell you what… why not combine the two together ?

Ah heck, Ive had enough.


2006 has been the yera of comedy anime, having seen comedies I’ve never seen before,a nds een new ones that keep me laughing. Ouran pulls pranks that only Excel Saga can pull off, and that’s why it’s so funny, while Haruhi is an existentialist exploration as well as a sarcasm play. ALl good fun for 2006.


SO, my final verdict ?




Fujioka, hands down.

IMO, she isn’t the typical shoujo heroine at all. In most anime with female protagonists, they always have the main female as the ball of insight/sunshine/happiness ((Esca’s Hitomi, Furuba’s Tohru, etc.)), but Fujioka is DIFFERENT. While insightful, she is completely reasonable; she snarks with her face; she is the only serious main character ((aside from Mori-senpai)); she is a frank, nerdy WET BLANKET, but she still manages to make a difference. ((In Ouran, the obligatory ball of sunshine would be Tamaki.))

So I don’t quite understand how she’s a cliched character ((she is the ONLY female wet blanket I’ve ever seen in anime)), and I admire her; she is wholly independent, down to a fault. ((In a sense, it is a character flaw. People don’t become a major priority of hers until the very end.))


Fujioka. 🙂


Suzu-san’s attitude really pisses me off and makes me want to punch her right in the face…XP Sick…

Also, she’s such a child-molesting wannabe feeling like an ‘H-game character’ kind of person. Eww.

Besides, once you watch ouran, and see Fujioka’s personality, you’ll probably like her more.

If you are looking for a sensible character, Fujioka would fit that category. If you are looking for someone over-the-top, Suzumiya would fit the category.

Since I look for sensible types more often, I would go for Fujioka. A cross-dressing girl is an uncommon sight for me in anime, especially one who is oblivious to gender roles. These character perks make me more interested in Haruhi Fujioka.

I think Haruhi Fujioka would have to win. Despite that Suzumiya is a “sexy” type person, loud, and very pushy, things that appeal to a lot of girls, Fujioka has something called “Common” sense. Plus Fujioka isn’t about to destroy her own world with depression. Sooo

Win = Fujioka.

I think that Fujioka Haruhi is way funnier the Haruhi s because all Huruhi s does is make people molest Asasina and also Haruhi F is so funny the way she rejects Tamaki


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