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Ouran High School Host Club – Anime First Impressions

Ouran High School Host Club 01.jpgOuran High School Host Club 02.jpgOuran High School Host Club 03.jpgOuran High School Host Club 04.jpgOuran High School Host Club 05.jpgOuran High School Host Club 06.jpgOuran High School Host Club 07.jpgOuran High School Host Club 08.jpgOuran High School Host Club 09.jpg

I reviewed the first chaper of the Ouran High School Host Club manga a while back, so I was already familiar with the story. Back then, I gave the manga an above average score for the cool character designs. So how does the anime version of Ouran High School Host Club do?

Ouran High School Host Club 01.jpgOuran High School Host Club 02.jpgOuran High School Host Club 03.jpgOuran High School Host Club 04.jpgOuran High School Host Club 05.jpgOuran High School Host Club 06.jpgOuran High School Host Club 07.jpgOuran High School Host Club 08.jpgOuran High School Host Club 09.jpg

I reviewed the first chaper of the Ouran High School Host Club manga a while back, so I was already familiar with the story. Back then, I gave the manga an above average score for the cool character designs. So how does the anime version of Ouran High School Host Club do?

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I dunno if it’s because I’m already familiar with the story, but I really enjoyed the first episode of this anime. There’s somewhat of a spoiler if you haven’t watched the anime yet. Go watch it, and then come back! Seriously. Okay. Ready?

Ouran High School Host Club follows the story of Fujioka Haruhi, a poor female student attending a prestigious high school on a scholarship. While looking for a quiet place to study, she inadvertently stumbles into the Ouran High School Host Club. It’s sort of like a bizarro Otaku Maid Cafe where a bunch of pretty boys serve girls. She ends up breaking a really expensive vase and becomes an indentured servant to the host club. Did I mention that everyone in the club thinks she’s a guy?

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Haruhi starts off as a popular host, and eventually even makes a girl jealous of her for trying to steal away the King of hosts, Tamaki. Her gimmick is that she’s the poor cute one, who does bizarre things like drinking instant coffee! “But my dad will scold me for drinking this!” Haruhi’s bag is thrown in the fountain by a bully, and Tamaki helps Haruhi fish her stuff out of the water. What a nice guy!

What I really like about the setup is that even the viewer doesn’t know (unless you read ahead) that Haruhi is a girl until the very end of the episode. As each member figures it out, a lightbulb goes on, until Tamaki finally figures it out.

Ouran High School Host Club 28.jpgOuran High School Host Club 29.jpgOuran High School Host Club 30.jpgOuran High School Host Club 31.jpgOuran High School Host Club 32.jpgOuran High School Host Club 33.jpgOuran High School Host Club 34.jpgOuran High School Host Club 35.jpgOuran High School Host Club 36.jpg

When I read the manga, I thought the story was generic feeling, but on second thought, I think it’s actually very original. The setting is basically a backwards harem anime, where a girl is surrounded by guys. What I like about this anime is that the guys aren’t all generic bishounen.

Sure, it’s probably a given that Haruhi will end up with Tamaki, but I’m sure the other guys (and girls that will be hosted) will make things interesting for Haruhi. When Tamaki defended Haruhi, I seriously started cheering! Then I chuckled a bit when he said “Haruhi isn’t that kind of man.” You don’t know how right you are…

Ouran High School Host Club 37.jpgOuran High School Host Club 38.jpgOuran High School Host Club 39.jpgOuran High School Host Club 40.jpgOuran High School Host Club 41.jpgOuran High School Host Club 42.jpgOuran High School Host Club 43.jpgOuran High School Host Club 44.jpgOuran High School Host Club 45.jpg

The character designs are this anime’s strong point. I think they did a really god job adapting the designs from the manga to the anime. We have a full range of weird male characters: The wild one, the shota-con, the yaoi brothers, the cool one, and the blond one. Each of the designs is original (except the twins, duh).

Honey is just incredibly cute (despite the fact that he’s a senior)! I find it funny that Tamaki figured out that girl threw Haruhi’s bag in the water pretty easily, yet he was the last to figure out she was a girl… Is he supposed to be smart, or a ditz? Mori is pretty strong to be carrying Honey around all the time, but it works in sort of an Iron Giant kind of way. The yaoi twins could possibly get annoying with their Rabu-rabu antics, but for now, they’re okay. Despite dressing like a boy, Haruhi still manages to be a pretty hot girl (or maybe I’m just weird?).

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The animation is really good too. The art style is just how I like it, too (bold lines and wacky exaggerated expressions). Whenever someone makes a >_< face, I gotta give points. As far as the OP and ED go, I think the OP is better. It's by Chieko Kawabe, who did the (inappropriately) upbeat "Be Your Girl" ED for Elfen Lied. With this OP, I'm becoming a fan of hers. The ED isn't bad, but it's not that great either. Download the OP: “Sakura Kiss” by Chieko Kawabe
Download the ED: “Shissou” by LAST ALLIANCE

Ouran High School Host Club 55.jpgOuran High School Host Club 56.jpgOuran High School Host Club 57.jpgOuran High School Host Club 58.jpgOuran High School Host Club 59.jpgOuran High School Host Club 60.jpgOuran High School Host Club 61.jpgOuran High School Host Club 62.jpgOuran High School Host Club 63.jpg

I think Ouran High School Host Club is shaping up to be one of the best anime this Spring season. I haven’t read that much of the manga, so luckily I won’t have the plot spoiled for the rest of this anime. If you can’t wait, I’d suggest picking up the manga, licensed in the US by Shojo Beat.

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108 replies on “Ouran High School Host Club – Anime First Impressions”

> i love the anime!
> I love the Manga!
> I love Kyouya
> I love Hikaru!
> I love Hunny!
> I love Kaoru!
> I love HAruhi
> I love Mori
but I HATE tamaki!


(my fav. character is in order)

Go Kyo/Haru and Hika/Haru fans!!!


I’m so excited everyone!!! VOL. 10 is already realesed I saw the cover! it was mei(shows up at vol. 9) and Hsruhi!!! so great!

I’m with OuranXWallflower! Kyoya is tha best, I totally agree with you on all the opinions you mentioned!!^^

Absolutely love this anime. hated the ending tho. I just think that the manga of this series is slightly better then the anime tho. does anyone know where to see the vol 10 cover and where to get it?

koaru/haruhi and hikaru/haruhi
fan! Maybe a little Kyoya or Mori too. but definetely not Tamaki. srry!

like to chat with others about OHSHC:
[email protected]

Wow. Ouran is absolutely amazing. I gotta love the anime… I have yet to read the manga, but I like the anime art better.
Is it the bright colors? Or the amazing faces that they make?
I managed to watch 24 episodes in 3 days, which is pretty much a record for me, since I’ve been wasting away playing my PS2 and DS these days.

Hey do you know when the next season of ouran high ? if so, email me ,pls!!! I’d REALLY LIKE TO KNOW !!! PLS!!!!

Ouran has got to be the best anime i have watched this year.I just love the way the expressions are done.My favourite characters are the Hitachiin Twins.Bishounen is the best way to draw male characters.

Ouran is awesome. Just..really. I can go by months by watching the episodes over and over again.

*MAY contain spoilers o_o?*

Oh and, i love Hikaru! :3 Did you notice the kawaii-ness of his blushing when Haruhi was with him in the net?(Episode 21 in the anime.) And he lets his emotions take over himself, yes, but i find that sort of charming o_o..And when he was hugging Haruhi(episode 16 in the anime)..! I had to watch that scene again and again because it was so..cute

– My opinion continued D: –

I really wish i was Haruhi in that episode.(Except for the part that Hikaru totally ditched Haruhi in the rain because of his jealousy for Arai-kun.)

It sucks how i always see cute anime guys and then i notice that they’ll never be real. T_T Why do the animation people have to make them so..CUTE?!(Not blaming them ._.)

I’ve seen the whole Anime, but haven’t yet read the book… And I love it.. hopefully there’ll be another season!!

have to say, this is the best anime i’ve seen in a long time. and i’m pretty much one of those gooey-fan girls about it too that you just want to slap in the end. Although the anime is good, the manga is much better, it goes into more depth about characters and you fall in love with them even more. [Haaaahhh, i love Kaoru the most.] Good review.

I also have to say, if i didn’t read the comments for the video i was watching before i watched the first video, i would have no idea that Haruhi was really a girl… yeah.

I think its hilarous and romantic in the sametime. Its true that Tamaki will end up with Haruhi but it might get crazy…….. I think HOST CLUB ROCKS THE ANIME WORLD!

tamaki-sempai!!!!!!!!!!!!!kyoukyo-sempai!!!!!!!!!!!!aaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!cute!!!!^_^I wish theres season 2!!!!!!I LOVE OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB……..honey-chan you’re so cute!!!!!!!aaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!I love you tamaki-sempai!!!!!!I love you kyoukyo-sempai!!!!!!!!!aaaahhh!!!!!HAY EVERYONE THERE’S A ISSUE THAT THERE WILL BE A SECOND SEASON THIS FALL BUT I’M NOT SURE IF IT’S TRUE!!!!

i daiSuKi this anime ..
everiionee here is just so kyuUtee *pinch honey-chan`s cheeks* ^O^” ~
i want .. tamaki && haruhi together though ? >O

I LOVE TAMAKI SEMAPI AND HARUHI THEY MUST BE TOGETHER))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) I LOVE THIS ANIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just adored this anime movie. I never watched anime at all, well I didn’t like anime at first but when I watched the first episode I had to watch the rest! I completely fell in love with anime. Im hoping that they will make a Second Season, I actually heard that they are making a Second Season and it is going to be released sometime this year… But I’m not sure, I hope so though:)

Domo Arigato Gozaimasu!!! I really appreciate the person that owns or edits this web page!!! I really idolize Ouran High School Host Club!! Especially Hikaru Hitachiin!! He is so kawaii!!! He is so kakkoii!!! I admire him very much!!! Too bad he is only an anime….Well, its still okay….I just wish I could marry him….(Gomen if I’m too ambitious)I just seem to idolize him very much that every part of my room has a picture sticked to it…..Anyways, Domo Arigato Gozaimasu to the one that owns this site….

wow maganda yung ouran kelan ba sila nag start at mag kaka roon kaya sila nang bagong season sana magkaroon pa kasi super ganda 100% ^_^ >_

The anime really Rocks!!!. I saw the anime in wikipedia and became interested Aat it’s story and decided to give it a shot. After seeing the first episode, i can’t stop myself from watching the rest. The story was really good and i really LOVE IT! Especially the TWINS! I wish they’ll have a season 2. But sadly looking at the manga there is still not enough story to create a season 2. I wish the creator would hurry up in making the story. I really wanted to see Hikaru end up with Haruhi!!! Hehehe

Definite thumbs up for your review of your first impression. I`d have to say that I was disappointed that it didn`t even last that long as a series. I`ve heard rumours that they might be releasing a second season. How they`re going to do that when Hunny and Mori have graduated I`m not quite sure, but does anyone want to confirm or deny this?
Oh well, time`s like this I turn to the Manga! Which (thank you Lord) is still on going! =]

I heard that OHSHC comes out onn television in North America on July 7, 2008? wat channel is it going to be on T___T they left out that information…. well I love this anime!! its the best!

My interest and love for Ouran is beyond words. Such a pity there’s no season 2! Wish there will be!! ><

First of all, Great review and pictures!!! So funny, beautiful, true, sad, and moving!! So awesome!! Great job!

Even though I haven’t gottten my hands on the manga yet, I know. All of you are waiting anxiously on the edge of your seats for the author to finish, but give her?him? some time to create and think.

The feeling of secretly liking someone and friendship is the best feeling, if that someone shares it with u. Keeping it a simple yet deep friendship is longer lasting. Imagine an everlasting friendship with the Ouran Host Club.

Can’t wait to read the manga!!X3

My interest and love for Ouran is beyond words. Such a pity there’s no season 2! Wish there will be!! ><
jejejejejejeejeje xD…
i love you the ouran high school host club
good bye!!!!!!

recently, i found tis video while searchin for anime and hav been watching and re-watching the whole anime again and again. It juz too wonderful.

And guys, did u noe that there’s a pettion for season 2?
If u dun, pls search the web – google – for OHSHC and u will see it. So far, there’s a total number of 20,000 plus ppl signin their signature.

My fav. characters were naturally haruhi and honey-senpai – they were too cute. =)


Ouran High School Host Club show rocks! i’m so crazy about it that i watch it whenever i can! It was introduced to me by my friend, Tri. she’s equally crazy about it that she watched the whole show about 3 times ready and episode one 5 times! Haha =) i really wish there’s an episode 2!!
keep rockin,

Please be a next season! So far Ouran is my favorite anime to this point in time. I got the complete series collection too!! By the way my favorite host is Kyoya/Kyouya (however you prefer). It’s funny actually, my cousin is a Tamaki fan and I’m a Kyoya fan. I’ll call her King and sometimes Daddy (just to freak the hell out of her) and she’ll call me Mommy and Mon Ami 🙂

when i was reading the first chapter of the translations, then however many sites i checked in, all of them had tamaki saying that haruhi was a guy! now i don’t know where in the story they rectified it, cuz i just started reading, but it was only after he said that she had to dress up as a guy, and after i read the character description that i understood….WHAT’S HAPPENING HERE!?!?!? loooove the guys!!!! *can u say hubba hubba??* <3 <3 haruhi and takami forEVA!

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