How to: Automate Anime Downloads with Azureus and RSS Feeds

Hey all!

With the new anime season out in full swing, I thought I’d write a tutorial on how to automate your anime downloads using Azureus and RSS feeds. It’s pretty simple and I’ll walk you through the process with explanations and pictures.

Once you’ve set up the RSS URLs and the filters (don’t worry if this
makes no sense yet), Azureus can automatically check sites such as
Tokyotoshokan and Animesuki for newly released episodes and download
them for you.

If you find this tutorial helpful, let me know and I’ll try to come up with some more time-saving how tos that are anime related.

Read How to: Automate Anime Downloads with Azureus and RSS Feeds.

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One thing you should probably add: either change Type to Other and clear the box labeled Disable After Success or change Type to None. Having it set to TVShow makes the plugin try to parse the filesnames for season and episode numbers in a certain format, but fansubbers don’t use that format. As a result, leaving it on TVShow will, if anything, screw things up.

Really? I’ve been using it with those settings for ages now and it doesn’t seem to be flipping out or anything. I think the “Smart History” makes it so you don’t download the same thing twice in a row, and that’s only if you enable TVShow mode. Has it screwed up anything for you before?

I believe that the Smart History is a different feature and it doesn’t require the TVShow mode. Either way, it won’t ever download something twice. What TVShow mode does is allow you to download only a certain range of episodes, provided that the files are in a format like the following examples given in the help file:
s1e01, 1×01, s01e01-02, 01×01-02, 01×01-01×02, 01×01 02
That is, the allowed formats are:
$$x## ##

Where $$ is a two OR one digit number and ## is a two digit number.
This may not be complete, but it’s mostly right. What’s important is that it requires two numbers (I tried testing it and it doesn’t work if you only have one number) and no subbing group currently does that, mostly because it’d be pointless with anime, a medium in which second seasons are generally rare.

Hmmm, I just set the range to the default and it works fine. I figure, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Regarding the line breaks, I dunno.

I just threw some line breaks in there. Let’s see if they show up. The comment feature is definitely under a layer of abstraction that I don’t really care to uncover. I think I can set wordpress to use the html editor for comments though. Let me see if I can get that to work

Yeah, Azureus is totally a ram hog. Firefox is even worse though! Luckily I have 2GB of ram in my system, so I don’t really worry about such things. I think utorrent can do the same thing as Azureus. I haven’t tried it myself though.

Achtor, I dunno why it isn’t working. The settings look good to me, but it looksl like your filter is in fail mode rather than pass, even though it doesn’t show that on the picture. Maybe someone else around here can answer your question. You can ask in the forums if you want… Sorry I couldn’t help!

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