Blog Suki

Jason, of Anime on My Mind and Anime Blog Toshokan fame, has just rolled out a new and improved version of the latter. It’s called Blog Suki! Chances are, if you read my blog regularly, it’s due to the exposure I get from ABT or Antenna. The new and improved Blog Suki is looking really great. If you don’t know about it yet, check it out. There’s a ton of great blogs out there. Things I’ve noticed that are new or improved:

  • Search Feature!
  • Cache Feature (so you can see the past posts of a given blog)
  • Faster Indexing by way of pinging
  • A Series Popularity Size-O-Meter (Mai Otome, anyone?)
  • K2 Theme Prettyness, not that I’m biased toward that particular theme 😉

Overall, the service is looking great. Many thanks go out to Jason for providing anime fans with this awesome resource!

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