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Akismet Plugin really blocks comment spam!

Wow, I just got my first comment spam! This is a milestone of sorts for my little anime blog. I actually joked about wanting to get comment spam on Anime on My Mind. Maybe the spammers listened…

Anyway, the odd thing was that the spam didn’t even make any sense! It wasn’t like, "check out my site!" or anything like that. Why don’t I just include the text (minus the links of course):

Great post! I’m looking forward for more. Rape Soldier is very good Pair, Compute Mistery is very good Opponents when Pair is Slot it will Make Grass, Player will Gnome unconditionally when Mistery Percieve Pair Lose

I mean, WTF? Rape Soldier? At first I thought that could have been some anime, but then it was apparent that akismet really picked up the comment spam. Maybe I can collect these, and when I have enough, I can write a really crazy book!

If you’re having trouble with these kind of comments, I really do urge you to install the akismet plugin. That is, if you’re on wordpress. 

One reply on “Akismet Plugin really blocks comment spam!”

HAHAHAHA you got silly spam from mr rape soldier too? I’m always getting that stuff, it’s truly weird. Actually come to think of it this comment will probably be spammed … damn.

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