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Dreamhost = Bandwidth Galore!!!


I just logged into my Dreamhost Control Panel (the webhost that I use), and read an announcement that they’ve just quadrupled the disk space and octupled the bandwidth!

Seriously folks, this is a lot. Now I can serve a terabyte of stuff every month without going over my quota! On top of that, the allowed bandwidth increases by 8GB a week! For a quick comparison, I used about 1 GB of bandwidth my entire first month. 

With all this extra bandwidth, I need some ideas on how to use it. I was thinking of serving MP3s, but I don’t know how legal that would be (is it legal if I serve the TV audio rips of OP and EDs?). My DDR Videos also kinda took some bandwith, but they’re fairly small.

Give me some ideas on how I can put all this bandwidth to good use… Of course, I think serving entire episodes is totally out of the question…

Oh, and if you were thinking of getting a webhost, seriously consider Dreamhost. The service is cheap ($7.95 a month if you prepay for a year) and pretty reliable. Tell em BasuGasuBakuhatsu (notoupee) sent ya! You can use the promo code BASUGASU50 when you register, and get $50 off, which also helps me pay for my hosting bill too! Awesome!

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Hosting to other bloggers? Genius! It would be a network for anime bloggers… An anime blogger net if you would… Oh darn, I think someone’s already done that! 😉 I guess I’ll just have to splurge my bandwidth on a podcast or something lame like that…

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