Doujin Work – Anime First Impressions

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After watching all of Comic Party, even though I didn’t like it, I sort of got this bad taste of doujinshi in my mouth. But with a character named “Osana Najimi,” it has to be good!

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Osana Najimi (which literally means “childhood friend” in Japanese) reluctantly agrees to help out a friend with her work. In this case, it’s selling doujinshi at a comic convention! The anime goes though some pretty predictable gags, like Osana’s friend, Tsuyuri, leaving to use the bathroom, which leaves Osana and some bloomer rape doujinshi on the table. Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’d just sit under the table until she came back.

Osana Najimi’s childhood friend, Justice, appears with his loli sidekick. When Osana hears that Justice makes a ton of money selling doujinshi (which he breaks even with), she discovers her new goal! To sell enough doujinshi to afford eating a convenience store bento! Some of us dream big…

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So I guess this anime will follow Osana and her pursuit of money. It’ll probably be pretty funny, considering she likely can’t draw. So far, I’ve noticed that the jokes are a lot less inside than I thought they would be. I was afraid that I’d have to be a doujinshi artist (I’m not) to get the jokes. But I think anyone with passing knowledge of anime and manga culture can appreciate this.

The OP and ED are actually really good. I think the OP was funnier than a lot of entire anime are! Of course, it’ll probably get less as I watch it every week. The ED has some dancing, which is cute. I kind of appreciate the simple animation more than the hardcore stuff that’s made Kyoani popular. Sometimes looping cute stuff is just as good.

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Doujin Work is only like, 14 minutes or so long. Even less when you factor the OP and ED, so I might watch this just because it’ll be less time consuming than a 24 minute anime. The jokes are actually pretty funny, and I like the animation and characters. Hopefully it doesn’t turn into a super otaku focused memefest or anything.

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2 thoughts on “Doujin Work – Anime First Impressions”

  1. i rather liked the first episode too, despite the out of it ass OP that had me reaching for that stop button. watching it again it kinda grew on me however, and the anime itself seems promising, though ive heard conflicting opinions bla bla….you know the drill

    im actually quite sure it will go somewhere good, though the 16 minute episodes kinda came out of the blue for me lol

  2. What’s up with this Poland stuff in the end (credits)? Isn’t it a little rude? Oh well wtvehaer. In fact there was no Poland in ’43. At least officially so I shouldn’t complain. And of course I wouldn’t as long as you put some effort with this series (I mean: don’t drop it please ). It’s really good manga. Weird but really good. I wish you good luck and Thanks gozaimasu!

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