Nodame Cantabile OP Single: Allegro Cantabile = Awesome Art!


I haven’t bought this single or anything, but I felt the need to post this simply because the cover art is freaking awesome. It’s got the Suemith guy in a mirror image with Nodame doing the weird Nodame face! I wanna commission someone to draw a picture of me and Nodame too! And maybe throw in Stevie Nicks as well!

I actually wish I played piano so I could make weird faces while I play, like Nodame! It’s not really possible to play trumpet and make weird faces at the same time (not the same kind, at least), though I do play on the side with a weird embouchure, so maybe that counts.

I may end up buying this single just for the album art. I just ordered the second volume of the Nodame Cantabile manga from Amazon, too. But buying domestic stuff sure is easier (and cheaper) than importing…

17 thoughts on “Nodame Cantabile OP Single: Allegro Cantabile = Awesome Art!”

  1. Just thought I mention that only the first print edition comes with the Nodame Cantabile illustration jacket. At this point, it’ll be very hard for you to get hold of one…

    Incidently, my copy also came with a colored version of the this jacket. Definitely one of the best imported single I ever bought 🙂

  2. I think I have listened to this single a million times. The whole thing is pure awesomeness.

    Of course, nothing beats the actual OP piece, but the other tracks are also good. I’m a sucker for pop music that incorporates piano. 🙂

  3. Every time I see how they draw Nodame’s facial expressions (in the anime) while playing the piano, it looks like she’s puckering up for a kiss.

    Have you seen the PV for Allegro Cantabile? I play the piano, and I was almost writhing in pain when I saw them dripping black paint on the beautiful white piano (I’m going to assume it was a prop, and not a real instrument).

  4. I only write in pain when I witness violence to brass instruments. Crimes against pianos don’t really bother me.

    Nodame is so moe. Or should I say, NODAMOEEEEEE!

    1. Comme je le mettais sur Twitter via un retweet, c’est mérité point barre. Et ceux qui enterraient Geek Inc suite à sa nouvelle formule doivent l’avoir mauvaise ! Bravo pour avoir fait cet excellent podcast qu’est Geek Inc ET pour avoir su rebondir suite au départ de Julien. C’est un gage de qualité !

    2. And contrast, of course, with the late Rav Menashe Klein zt’l. Rabbi Klein had some views that were … not popular in the circles I follow, put mildly; yet his approbation appears on Bnei Banim. Conversely, Rabbi Henkin writes explicitly (in “Contemporary Tsniut”): “I have no quarrel with Mishneh Halachot, who is a halachic authority and is entitled to his own opinion; I do have a quarrel with popularizers … who present it as the only valid opinion.”

  5. woah!
    i haven’t watched the anime but i’ve watched the drama 6 times , once with subtitles and the other 5 without subs.(i’m studying japanese, btw) i just fell in love with chiaki(tamaki hiroshi)*faints*

    isn’t there any pic like this sfeaturing chiaki and nodame?

  6. O,oh, I forgot something. If you want to, please send me in my email a pic of Chiaki, he’s so cool. Mukii…! And do you like the nodame cantabile’s anime?

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