New Poll: A Tale of Two Haruhis – Fujioka Haruhi Vs. Suzumiya Haruhi!


Okay, I think I used the word “Haruhi” enough in the title to get your attention.

This Spring Anime season has been pretty darn good. At the top of the heap (for me) are two anime starring girls named “Haruhi.” There’s The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and Ouran Host Club.

The eternally raging debate in my mind at the moment: which Haruhi is the better of the two? Certainly they both have their good points. Let’s do some analysis, AoMM style:


Suzumiya Haruhi is an archetype tsunderekko. Sure, she’s manipulative and bossy and when she gets bored the world ends, but that smile at the end of the day (almost) makes it worthwhile.

Fujioka Haruhi, on the other hand, is a nerd (+ points for me, I dunno about you). She’s pretty laid back considering he’s surrounded by hawt guys all the time. I’d label her as the kakkoii-type.
Edge: Fujioka


Suzumiya Haruhi has countless hairstyles, and she changes it everyday. Or at least she used to. I’m partial to the buns; it’s too bad she doesn’t wear those anymore…

Fujioka Haruhi has two hairstyles: short and long. Short looks infinitely better, but still not as cute as Suzumiya.
Edge: Suzumiya


Haruhi Vs Haruhi 02.jpg
Edge: Suzumiya


Suzumiya Haruhi: Hair flip, dancing.

Fujioka Haruhi: Poorness, ability to attract female race, instant coffee making skills, underdog.
Edge: Fujioka

Wow, it’s pretty much a tie (okay, so I tried skewing things to make for a better poll). Who do you think is the better Haruhi? Suzumiya or Fujioka? Vote, and be heard!

183 thoughts on “New Poll: A Tale of Two Haruhis – Fujioka Haruhi Vs. Suzumiya Haruhi!”

  1. i personally say fujioka because i prefer ouran and i only watched melancholy of haruhi suzumiya halfway. i do agree that suzuharu is prettier though, but i really like haruhi fujioka! so the vote goes to …. FUJIOKA!

  2. My vote goes to Fujioka, but not because I dislike Suzumiya; I just go for personality, and Fujioka-kun has it all. And she does look cute with both long and short hair.

  3. SuzuHaru: Her major folly is that she is quite self-centered which spawns all her personality flaws (Molesting Mikuru for instance).


    FujiHaru: She is so completely dense and is unable to see things that are beyond the direct meaning (When Kaoru said “you could sleep in our bed” she didn’t see the really deep significance, only the literal meaning).

    BOTH: Cute, funny, strange, off-the-beaten-path and completely entertaining!

  4. Fujioka all the way. She’s doesnt need big boobs and a big ass to make herself attractive while most of the anime girls are just wh*res.

  5. While I may like Ouran better than Melancholy, in terms of Haruhis, I’d have to pick Suzumiya. Fujioka just doesn’t interest me. The anime’s glory and humor really comes from the other characters.

    But Suzumiya is the one who makes the show!

    1. I don’t agree with you. Maybe is she not enough entertaining for you but without her, there wouldn’t be a show either. She makes the other characters funny and attracting by being herself. If a girl like Suzumiya would replace her in ouran, the show wouldn’t be as funny as it is now (it wouldn’t be funny at all)…

  6. That other girl Suzumiya, wtf. She kinda rocks, but it goes and brings in the hard-headed peckers, actually. So no… o.O

    Haruhi Fujioka is the amiable thinker;
    and there are all the eccentric rich young men cheering at her yay yay yay! Because she’s the cute, smart one who’s not wanting to be mislead.
    And breakfast even for her isn’t too exciting too miss…
    Yup, Fujioka’s the cooliest. ^.^

    yeah, go, some random person!

  7. While Fujioka might have more votes, that only matters in a democracy of the shallow and ignorant. :D

    By far, the more intellectual responses have been for Haruhi Suzumiya, showing a clear overall superiority in maturity and intelligence amongst the HaruhiS fanbase. :)

  8. Haruhi Suzumiya, definitely.

    Treating her only friends like crap? Check.
    Molesting and sexually harassing her best female friend? Check.
    Misanthropic, manipulative, sociopathic and a megalomaniac? Check.
    Extremely cheerful and at the same time a dominant, almost narcisstic leader? Check.
    Acts like Kamina from TTGL, when she has actual enemies? Check.
    HOT! Check.
    Making fun of geeks? Check.
    Unique character? Check.
    A buttload of independence and self-esteem? Check.
    NOT A TSUNDERE, more like a sociopathic genki girl? CHECK.

    That’s some women! Anyway, the other Haruhi fails compared to that.

    But it’s fun to hear people whining like little pussies how “utterly evil” she is. Strangely, that never happens to Gregory House!

  9. I go with Fujioka. Suzumiya gets annoying too quickly. Fujioka acutally has common sense and doesn’t try to rape anyone. I think Haruhi Fujioka

  10. i go for…. fujioka. i do not know the other anime, so i can’t vote for that one
    all who vote for fujioka, i support you all the way.


    1. shut up damn it! Fujioka is not ugly at all = =’!!! You vote for her only for her popularity and beauty? WTH?!
      Come on give GOOD reasons! (well better than those =w=”’)

  12. I say Haruhi Fujiko!!! I mean seriously she’s a tomboy! and even when though she acts like a guy she does balance out her guyness and girlness. she’s funny and she doesn’t look like a hoe

  13. I would probably say Suzuharu, though both animes are quite good. Both Haruhi’s have their ups and downs, but Haruhi Fujioka, to be frank, bores me. I don’t mind the laid back type, but on top of that, she always shoots down the other characters just when they get interesting (rants, spazzes, ect.)
    Suzuharu is a type of character rarely seen. Though I enjoy the Tsundere type, she finally breaks the mold as something I don’t have a fancy japanese name for. She’s come in, boss around a bit and be…interesting. Sure, she can be annoying, but Haruhi F. is kinda boring 8D

  14. Hello i personally think that haruhi suzumiya is kool yea but…..haruhi fujioka is FOR THE FUCKIN WIN! i LOVE fujioka because she is smart….plus she doesn’t like to annoy or hurt the crap outta people and she doesn’t have retarded looking hairstyles each day…(haruhi’s seven million ponytails freak me out….O.O)BUT I DO NOT HATE AND NEVER WILL HATE SUZUMIYA OR FUJIOKA SO HAH!

  15. Suzumiya. i perfer he because she’s more baazar like me. i like poeopl who aren’t afriad to be different, loud or put your hair in some outrageos style that only you like. Suzumiya rocks. though Fujioka is nice and can keep under controll with all the idiotic things that the host club does. but i just wasn’t a interested in the series as i am to Suzumia;s

  16. I love both animes, and I appreciate each main character for her own merits. But I vote Suzumiya. Yes, she has little regard for rules or human etiquette and some of the things she does are just reprehensible, but at the same time you have to admire her moxie, as well as her determination to share her adventures with her club. As a character, we still honestly don’t know that much about her (who are her parents? Where does she live? What does she do away from the SOS Brigade?), which translates to potential. Fujioka, on the other hand, is moral and smart and unorthodox, but the more accustomed she becomes to the craziness of the Host Club, the more disconnected we are from her. Her unflappability is initially charming, but at times it goes overboard to the point that we sometimes wonder if there’s *anything* (besides fancy tuna) that she takes joy in. Despite her refusal to react to absurdity like most human beings, she skates dangerously close to Mary Sue territory by having three of the Host Club boys have feelings for her (as well as being hit on by the entire Host Club save Honey). Sometimes I have the feeling that when people favor Fujioka, it’s because of the position she holds as the focus of a reversed harem instead of who she is as a character. To be sure, however, Fujioka is far more human and relatable in the manga, and she does thaw a lot in the newer chapters. But then again, Suzumiya improves in the later novels as well, to the point where it becomes obvious the amazing lengths she’ll go for all of her brigade members.


    and why does the breat size matter..

  18. haruhi suzumiya Ftw ^^
    fujioka is cool, but, i agree with what Miss1043 said.
    i love suzumiya’s zanyness, and i think she’d be really fun to hang out with…(maybe im just crazy…).
    i kept waiting for episode where fujioka would just let loose and have fun…it never happened sadly…

  19. Fujioka ftw!

    Haruhi F. is funny by her absent minded movements and actions. Sure she doesn’t have as much as Haruhi S. But thats because Haruhi S. basically leads the show while Haruhi F. is the one that holds the show together.

    She’s the one that adds some sense and spirit to Ouran High, if she wasn’t there everyone would be yelling, screaming and running about like the mindless idiots most of them are. (Funny idiots of course xD)

  20. well,my explanation is…confusing.
    i am 100% just like Suzumiya but the thing is the feeling 4 the ouran haruhi are 1 of those “thats the type of person i wanna be like”things.
    i feel like alot of suzumiya fans only adore her because she is so wacky like themselves.i dont wanna b some cheerful idiot who cares about stupid shit
    i mean would suzsumiya even care if 1 of the SOS brigade members got ran over.
    suzumiya might be drawn in the style of an anime but it has a plot like a 8 yr old show.

  21. I have to say Haruhi Fujioka is the better Haruhi. Not just because Haruhi Suzimiya honestly frightens me as a person but because Haruhi F. keeps the series grounded.

  22. Suzumiya, all the way. Fujioka is too boring, nothing interesting ever happens with her, the show is all about the other characters. Suzumiya is NOT a tsundere, she’s a genki girl who goes too far, which makes her hilarious. The other characters in the show try to stop her while accentuating her flaws, which make her awesome.

    Also, in a barehanded fight, Suzumiya would overpower Fujioka no problem.

  23. Suzumiya Haruhi. She’s more interesting than Fujioka Haruhi. As for SuzuHaru having more intellectual responses than Fujioka…. :

  24. I have to go with Haruhi Suzumiya cause shes really outgoing and brings a certain optimistic view to the show and she is just random which i personally find hilarious

  25. Actually, Haruhi Suzumiya is also smart, guys.. Even Kyon states this (with some envy). If you really wanted to compare, you should probably do Kyon and Fujioka, and then Suzumiya and Tamaki.

  26. I choose Suzumiya. Fujioka was stupid enough to break an expensive vase and acquire such a large debt. Sure, she’s smart *sarcasm* Also, she can be mean to Tamaki. Suzumiya is in control of her club, while Fujioka was at first the “dog” of the club, and then a host. That role is synonymous to Mikuru’s role in the MoHS.

  27. Umm…all this analysis has proven is that Suzumiya has boobs and hair. ._.
    She has more selling value because of that (coughsomanyfigurinethingscough) but Fujioka is way better in my opinion. ^^

  28. I want to say fujioka because i am a seriously devoted fan to ouran (I even got the same style hair cut a few months back) however suzumiya’s very unique personality, attractiveness and ability to destroy the world ^^ keep her in the race. I have to put them as even because i just adore them both so much its impossible to choose! D: one things for sure, if i ever have a daughter, im naming her haruhi :D <3

  29. i say Fujioka..

    for a number of reasons..

    1) because me and her are so alike it’s scary. ( even the hair cut and color O_O )
    2) she may be plain but she has some kind of appeal about her.
    3) she can get both girls and guys to fall for her.. :D
    4) even though i love Suzumiya alot she’s a bit to crazy for me.. ahahhaha ( even tho i can be a toatal NUT at times.)

    and last but not least..

    IT’S OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB FOR GOD SAKES!!! who wouldn’t love that show.. with it’s crazyness and wild scence of humor.. ahhahahahahaha

    but everyone has there own appinion…. and i respect that.

  30. I go for Haruhi Fujioka all the way. Yes,Haruhi Suzumiya is interesting,but she annoys be for some reason (no offence) and I only got to episode 6 before I got bored of the Suzumiya series…

    Haruhi F. however,she’s interesting in her own way. She’s laid back and smart,but she’s dense at some things. She’s got her ups and downs,and I love how she can shoot down the hosts (mentally) without even realizing it,then make them overjoyed again (once again without realizing it)

    All in all,Haruhi F. has my vote.
    I do like Haruhi S. though,just…not much.

  31. For those who said FujiHaru fans are stupid and shallow for liking her,as if your reasons are mature & smart enough.Ok,let me get this right,you go for a person just because she’s pretty,with hyper boobs,molests her friend,drag people around,disrespect old people(referring to the filming of The Asahina movie at the temple if you wonder),think anyone else’s existence is useless as if you’re useful enough to the world,abandons school rule & think its ok to use someone as you wish?


    I go for FujiHaru,call me nerd or whatever but she’s far relate able;her social problem at first,she doesn’t molest her friends, she isn’t annoying & a tough girl with real trouble you can relate too.And no,I don’t like her just because she’s a reverse harem,no.I enjoy her character-calm yet funny,understanding yet dense,smart yet nerdy & stuffs

  32. Ughh..

    To tell the truth, I really hate Haruhi S.
    You see, She’s annoying, irritating, overreacting, Acting like she’s strong, and always order people around to obey her stupid rules. Who does she think she is? some kind of god?! And in fact, I don’t care about the boobs thingy. And I hate it when she’s wearing pervy stuffs. SUZUMIYA’s A PERV!!

    And of course i go for Haruhi Fujioka. She is kind and she doesn’t care even if she’s a girl as long as she helps her friends. SHe even said that it’s okay even if all the people in the academy will know her real gender. Even though she’s a nerd, dense,I really admire her because she’s not scared of anything (except the thunder) and I really love TAMAKI AND HARUHI F. LOVETEAM!!! It’s the best! Tamaki is really like a kid when he clings to haruhi and it adds cuteness. And also, She’s smart.



    Sorry Haruhi Fujioka, Tamaki’s already my HUSBAND. Bwuahahahaha.

    (peace ^^V)

  33. OVIO QUE FUJIOKA!!!!! ES MUCHO MAS LINDA QUE SUZUMIYA!! (L) ttiene mejor personalidad y bamos, su pelo es lo maximo! go go go Fujioka H.

  34. Dur dur, mais bon…
    Eh oui! C’est bien trop dûr! >.<
    Car même si je suis presque l'opposé de HaruFuji, je suis l'indentique de HaruSuzu!
    Mais HaruFuji est une superbe fille et je lui ressemble sur certains points et j'arrive à la comprendre… (elle est KAWAII même si HaruSuzu l'est encore +!) Mais HaruFuji a plus de goûts!
    Tamaki est 1000000000 fois mieux que Kyon!

    GO GO

  35. I Wanna was Haruhi Fujioka and i love Hikaru and Kaoru the are my bigest love this is my first time i have be in real love i wannt that Hikaru and kaoru gonna was real!!!!!!!!!!!! :D ^^ says:

    i say Haruhi Fujioka shes better then Haruhi S becouse i have look on both of anime but i love Ouran more becouse its more fun in it and Ouran is the best anime i ever seen and i say Haruhi F. and i love that Hikaru loves haruhi its good ^^ and Hikaru and Kaoru is sweet and the other boys in host club to, when i saw OHSHC i i about falled in love in an anime becouse it was so good and this is true i realy love Hikaru and Kaoru i have never love before i saw them on the anime, Ouran. i want the anime Ouran High School Host Club to be real!!!!!!!!!!!! ^.~ so i say Haruhi Fujioka, Haruhi, Haruhi, Haruhi, Haruhi, Haruhi Fffffffuuuuuuujjjjjjjjiiiiiiiiioooooooooookkkkkkkkkkkkaaaaaaaaa!

  36. I Wanna was Haruhi Fujioka and i love Hikaru and Kaoru the are my bigest love this is my first time i have be in real love i wannt that Hikaru and kaoru gonna was real!!!!!!!!!!!! :D ^^ says:

    AND HARUHI FUJIOKA IS NOT A NERD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she just losed her contacts first day on school and that dosen’t need to was that shes an nerd. Haruhi F. she is realy beatiful whit long hair and short hair. and if someone say shes an nerd then i am an nerd to becouse i look like her >.< but my name is not Haruhi but i do same things as Haruhi so don't say Haruhi is an nerd becouse i look like her, when she had long hair so please don't say that shes an Nerd and Haruhi S. is not hot or sexy she more looks like just an rocker nothing more well please don't say haruhi F. is an nerd becouse i can't accept that when i'm as haruhi

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