Binchou-tan: Anime First Impressions

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I usually wait for someone to fansub an anime before watching it, but Binchou-tan is an exception. There’s barely any talking in Binchou-tan, and when there is, it’s usually pretty simple Japanese. I’m going to try something new: Here’s my first sub-assistance-free anime preview!

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Binchou-tan is this cute pint-sized girl who lives alone in the mountains. She pretty much goes day by day living off of the land for sustenance. The first episode (which I already saw online about a month ago) just shows her doing every day stuff. She wakes up, straps a piece of charcoal to her head, puts on her kimono, and rides a duck to a field where she picks some grass to eat with her rice. Okay, so maybe it’s not quite "every day" stuff…

Binchou-tan 19.jpgBinchou-tan 20.jpgBinchou-tan 21.jpgBinchou-tan 22.jpgBinchou-tan 23.jpgBinchou-tan 24.jpgBinchou-tan 25.jpgBinchou-tan 26.jpgBinchou-tan 27.jpg

The only character we’ve seen so far is Binchou-tan. The opening credits show a bunch of other girls who all look pretty similarly cute. By this, I mean they are all omega cute! I think they say that the bigger the character’s eyes, the cuter they supposedly are; Binchou-tan’s eyes take up roughly 50% of her head! On top of having huge eyes, she just acts really cute and makes cute noises.

I should also point out the pun, since I’m something of a "pun maniac." "Binchoutan" is a type of charcoal. Binchou-tan wears a piece of charcoal on her head. Get it!? That would be like calling me "toupee"… Er…

Binchou-tan 28.jpgBinchou-tan 29.jpgBinchou-tan 30.jpgBinchou-tan 31.jpgBinchou-tan 32.jpgBinchou-tan 33.jpgBinchou-tan 34.jpgBinchou-tan 35.jpgBinchou-tan 36.jpg

The story at this point is sort of non existent. We just got to see a day in the life of Binchou-tan. This is the perfect episode for just watching and mellowing out. The landscapes are pretty and the music is also really relaxing.

I have a feeling there will be a real plot introduced later. How else could they incorporate all the other girls from the OP into the show?

Binchou-tan 37.jpgBinchou-tan 38.jpgBinchou-tan 39.jpgBinchou-tan 40.jpgBinchou-tan 41.jpgBinchou-tan 42.jpgBinchou-tan 43.jpgBinchou-tan 44.jpgBinchou-tan 45.jpg

The music in this anime is well done. The background music during the show itself is just a relaxing orchestral arrangement. The OP is Iroha, by CooRie. Yes! CooRie! I really like CooRie’s other stuff, so it’s no surprise that I really like this OP too. The raw that I watched didn’t include an ED. Or maybe it was the music playing during the next episode preview?  

Listen to the OP: Iroha by CooRie

Overall, Binchou-tan is looking to be a nice anime to chill out to. There’s no giant robot fights or anything, just 100% pure cuteness. Binchou-tan is really cute, and so are the other characters that haven’t made an appearance yet. With 13 episodes being 15 minutes each, there’s really nothing to lose by checking it out. This anime also seems to be pretty language-friendly (for now), so you don’t need to know any special Japanese vocabulary to watch it. I’ll definitely be watching out for the next episodes of Binchou-tan. 

Binchou-tan 46.jpgBinchou-tan 47.jpgBinchou-tan 48.jpgBinchou-tan 49.jpgBinchou-tan 50.jpgBinchou-tan 51.jpg

4 thoughts on “Binchou-tan: Anime First Impressions”

  1. Awwww~ T^T ?愛?? I want to watch thissssss…I’m going to try to find it. Sometimes we all just need to mellow out a bit. I do think the eye-to-face cuteness ratio actually works.

  2. I’m downloading it right now from! Can’t wait to see it! Thanks for the wonderful screenshots and explanation. :)

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