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Shoujo Manga! Girl Power!


I did a short little write-up on my real life blog about this manga art exhibit that my Japanese class visited today. It’s called "Shoujo Manga! Girl Power!" I put it over there because it’s more of a personal blog and less of a review-esqe type thing. Anyway, if you’re interested, why not head over and check out the manga goodness?

I also got a free sampler of Shojo Beat while I was there. I might end up reviewing it if I can handle the emasculation of admitting to reading a girl’s manga. Actually, I’ve already admitted to watching Shoujo anime, so I don’t think this would be a huge revelation or anything. Damn the labels that society casts upon manga!

Speaking of manga, I also got Yotsuba& volume 2 in the mail yesterday (Yotsubato isn’t shoujo right?!)! I still haven’t really looked at it yet; school has been keeping me busy enough. I wanna read it though!

And that’s the Basugasubakuhatsu Anime Blog daily news update!

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