Poll Results: Which Winter 2006 anime are you looking forward to most?

The results are in! Well, actually I just figured that the voting was kind of getting out of control (read: only 6 people voted), so I ended the poll. Anyway, here are the surprising results to the first ever Basugasubakuhatsu official poll, Which Winter 2006 anime are you looking forward to most?:

#1 REC
That’s right, REC won! It probably had something to do with the small sample size and large bust size of the girl in the picture. 3 people voted for REC, that’s 50%!

3-way tie for #2: Fate/stay night, Kage Kara Mamoru!, and Ginyuu Mokushiroku Meine Liebe Wieder

Yup, the other three votes were split. Guess who voted for Kage Kara Mamoru? Fate/stay night at least got one vote, and Ginyuu Mokushiroku Meine Liebe Wieder got the other. The poll results were kind disappointing, but I gotta start somewhere right?

Hot off the trail of this poll comes the current poll: Fillers: Yay or Nay?

After writing about the whole Beach Episode cliche stuff, I got to thinking about filler episodes. There’s also been a bunch of talk about the annoying Naruto filler episodes coming out.

My opinion is that fillers are ok as long as something meaningful (like character development) happens. That, or swimsuits! I’m looking for a higher turnout rate for this poll, so please register for the forums and vote! This poll runs for 1 week, so vote early, and vote often*!

*oh wait, you can only vote once, huh?

4 thoughts on “Poll Results: Which Winter 2006 anime are you looking forward to most?”

  1. Haha I voted for REC! Wait, I think I did, but even if I didn’t, REC has my vote. I don’t know, but I don’t see what’s the hype surrounding Fate/Stay night is all about. It doesn’t seem that interesting, but being one that does not want to miss out on a good anime series, I will give it a go. Haha hopefully I will be proven wrong. XD

  2. I tried a few of your exlmpaes and it worked great, so thanks! BUT.. when I tried to go from SFO or LAX to NRT or HND and then add a free one-way the united site craps out..

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  4. Wow, I am tipsy with insomnia and way too much time on my hands. Her blog makes me want to kill myself. Also she’s listed as a model on her FB page. She has to be like 20 years old, max. God I hate these people.

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