Angel Beats 04

Angel Beats is actually a pretty entertaining and funny show. People seem to be enjoying it more for trying to figure out what it’s about, but I kinda like the characters and the random stuff that happens in any given episode.

This week, the Girl Dead Monster band is on hiatus while looking for a new lead vocalist. So the boss makes everyone play in the baseball tournament instead. Main dead guy and the gar for main dead guy start recruiting for a team. I can’t remember anyone’s name, btw, so I’ll just describe them. They end up getting annoying little girl, ninja girl and spear guy. Plus a few other generic cute girls who don’t mind balls being thrown at their faces.

I’m starting to think of Angel Beats as a sort of Anime version of Lost. We get to learn about the tragic pasts of all the characters. And I don’t doubt all of them have tragic pasts. They are all dead high schoolers, after all. Between the tragedy there’s lots of fun gag humor like the dude putting the annoying girl into a headlock repeatedly. Angel Beats seems pretty self-aware in that we all know the girl is annoying and enjoy seeing her get into a headlock. And main guy already suspects that people leave the island world when they fulfill what they couldn’t in real life. So the anime is now using that suspicion to its advantage by pulling the football from us, Charlie Brown style, right before gar guy catches the game winning fly ball.

This episode seemed like a bit of a filler, so hopefully there’s more plot moving forward. I was pretty happy with the humor in this episode, at least.

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Ugggggh, Lost… 4 episodes left and I don’t really feel any closer to figuring out WTF is going on. I just know that when they wrap up, there will be a bazillion loose ends.

Wait till everyone in the SS gets out and then Otonashi tells them all WE HAVE TO GO BACK!!!

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