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Dark Horse Licenses Oh! My Goddess Novel


I just saw this via Anime News Network.

Apparently Dark Horse has licensed the Light Novel of Oh! My Goddess titled “First End.” But the Oh! My Goddess manga (and subsequent anime) was never based on a light novel. This novel came afterwards, and was written by the seiyuu for Urd, Touma Yumi.

So I guess the requirements for being a novelist in Japan are mad voice acting skills… Seems pretty weird if you ask me. Shouldn’t Oh! My Goddess be a popular enough series that an actual writer writes the novel? I guess I shouldn’t knock it until I read it myself, though.

All in all, it reconfirms my thoughts about light novels in general. 2007 is their breakout year!

2 replies on “Dark Horse Licenses Oh! My Goddess Novel”

oh well, its hard to read something that its almost 30 vol length and well, the interesting part of the history haven’t progressed that much =(

i really like aa megami-sama, i’d buy a light novel from it. only if things went in a faster pace than the manga.
hmm also … what rly sells the story is the amazing/detailed artwork so without it its kinda hard to imagine =p

but well, i’ve got to go through buying a few jumps or so, before adventuring myself into those light novels (bad nihongo =/ )

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