Funimation Anime Now Available on iTunes


Apparently, Funimation has added some of their anime titles to the Apple iTunes store. Right now, you can download episodes of Desert Punk, Samurai 7, and Speed Grapher.

The anime is available only in the English dub version, and they’re 640×360. I took a look at a few of the previews of the shows. Assuming the the quality of the previews are the same as the actual downloaded episodes, they look pretty good.

Individual episodes cost like $2 and a season pass costs about $39. Not way too bad, considering that most single DVDs are $30 retail. Then again, you don’t get Japanese audio tracks, extras, or an actual physical product….

Now, if companies can figure out how to synchronize releases with the Japanese airings and provide high quality dubbed episodes, I’d be all for that. Maybe throw in a coupon or voucher for the DVDs when they come out and you’ve got a winning business plan!

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Yeah, I’m not a dub fan, so this doesn’t interest me in particular. I’m more interested in Viz’s plan to speed sub “Death Note.” I also am waiting for the day when they’ll have legally downloadable files that give you an option between audio tracks….personally I think DVDs pretty much obviate the whole subs vs dubs debate since you can pick which one you want. Limiting downloads just to dubs divides the market again.

Agree with the rest of you… dub only no thanks, what gives? I may try the first ep just to give it a chance, but I’ll need to toughen myself up first. Someone fetch me a blackboard and some chalk…

I don’t know, imo, there are shows that are ok dubbed, and there are shows that you just need to see subbed. Although I am confortable watching anime either subbed or dubbed, I think there are some dubbs that are fairly well made. And some of the VA’s on them are just hilarious to hear.

As far as getting the episodes on Itunes Store, I honestly rather download the sub, or buy the DVD’s.

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