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The Taiyacholy of Tsukimiya Ayu

Ayu 4koma.jpg

These Tsuruya 4koma have certainly gotten pretty popular, haven’t they? Here’s a Kanon themed one that I found on Danbooru. Translated into English for your enjoyment!

In other news, Kanon is now up to 85 (make that 86) entries in the last two weeks!

7 replies on “The Taiyacholy of Tsukimiya Ayu”

Super awesome! I am a big fan of this theme, and in fact these comics is the sole reason I decided to watch the Melanholy, because the raging blog hype was repulsive. I only wish the Azumanga themed strips were at least half as decent though. Those which I saw were half-assed.

Kanon still sucks though.

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