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While fans of Kanon have had to wait more than four years for a remake, Mahou Sensei Negima gets one after less than two years! I actually liked the first series of Negima, so I didn’t see why they needed to remake this anime so soon.

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Negi has just graduated from magic school and has received his first assignment as a mage. He’s a teacher at Mahora Academy, an all girl’s school. This could be a normal assignment except for the fact that Negi is just a little kid. Many of his students are older than he is! If it worked for Pani Poni Dash, I guess it could work for Negima…

Meanwhile, at the school rumors are spreading about some kind of Chupacabra monster sucking girls’ blood! I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and I can tell you for a fact that the Chupacabra exists! But I dunno how it made its way to Japan…

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So this episode was pretty much designed to try and introduce each of the students of Negi’s class. There’s a few that I don’t remember, like the gun shining girl. Did they add new girls? At the end of the episode, Konoka gets attacked by a vampire! Um, we all know that she’s Evangeline, right?

It appears that this version of Negima has been put on the fast track. That’s probably good, since I don’t even remember half of the stuff that happened in the first series (which means it wasn’t important). Hopefully this series will go farther than where the first series just tried to make up a dramatic ending (and failed horribly).

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SHAFT did an awesome job with the animation for this series. The visual style that they used was definitely unique. Even if the story was pure crap, I’d still watch just for the pretty animation. This is probably the best looking anime of the season. The animation does remind me of Pani Poni Dash, including the random stuff on the chalkboard.

Do I really need to say anything about the character designs? There’s about a billion different girls in the class, and I’m sure there’s enough to suit just about anyone. My favorites are Chao Rinshen (because hair buns are hot), Saotome Haruna (because glasses are hot), and the ghost (because seriously, who else would include a ghost in their favorite characters?).

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There wasn’t an OP or ED for the first episode, but I got em from episode 2. The OP would sound really cool if the girls would stop talking and just sing! I dunno if it’s a special version or if they’re gonna be talking for episode 3 too. The part where they actually do sing sounds really cool, though. The ED seems pretty average to me. The vocals are cute so it gets a thumbs up!

Download the OP: “1000%SPARKING!” by Rina Satou, Akemi Kanda, Ai Nonaka & Yu Kobayashi
Download the ED: “Hoshizora Letter” by Akemi Kanda

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I guess this Fall is the season for awesome remakes of anime. Negima!? definitely surpasses its predecessor in terms of animation quality. I have a feeling the story will be moving much quicker, too. Negima!? will definitely have a spot on my watch list for this season.

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“While fans of Kanon have had to wait more than four years for a sequel…”

Well, it’s not really a sequel, but… ^_^;;

The gunslinger girl is Tatsumiya Mana ofcourse.
Shame on you for not knowing… 😉

btw: I just loved how she and Zazie just kept doing their own things and barely even looked in Negi’s direction… 😀

They didn’t add any girls. The problem is that the first series was so crappily done that it didn’t even cover a bunch of the (later on) important ones. Mana is a big player later on.

And I for one think that the accelerated start is a good thing. With this, they can hopefully do Kyoto justice (rather than the abortion that was Negima!’s rendition of it) and get on to the Festival arc which should be *extremely* awesome.

What the!? Did they switch hair colors!? I’m really confused now. I shouldn’t have gotten it wrong anyway, since their names are clearly on the screencaps though. Thanks for letting me know!

Yes, there have been several hair color switches between manga and first series; it’s possible that the second changed more or changed them back.

And that gun babe is hawt. Mmmmm…..Large caliber. The gun too. (ok, not really but I had to work that joke in…..)

lol tatsumiya-san does become important later on -.-”
The first Negima was crap.. and only did like.. the first vol. (drawings were pretty bad as well)

i realli hope they get to the Kyoto arc.
but i wont get my hopes up actually.. it appears that the story is gonna revolve around Eva-chan more -.-”

also, I LOVE the fact that they didnt go with the hair color scheme from the first Negima, ^^; now they seem more NORMAL XD
also, the hair color scheme seems to be following along on the manga color scheme

and ..on another note.. THE DRAWINGS R FRIGGIN AWESOME i find it a must watch XD

I was also reminded of Pani Poni Dash, mainly because they share many voice actors e.g., the Captain, Ichijou, Myamoto and the theme is of course pretty similar i.e., many (weird) girls, a child as teacher, random nonsense etc.

This is so awesome!. I feel like they are doing something right for a change. The first series had the comedy aspect but the animation was so craptacular that they couldn’t do any of the cool action arcs even if they wanted too. This looks like its going to focus on the more serious plot developments which IMO are what separates Negima from Love Hina.

PS The gun girl is one of my favorite characters from the manga. She is awesome as @#$!. For you sake of enjoyment I hope they make it to the Kyoto arc and you will see what I am talking about.

ahhh, this remake is incredible… true what you said about the OP though… it’s carried on through eps 3-4 also, but I know for a fact that ep 5 is getting a “remix” if you will, just like they did with the original Negima ^^ cant wait to hear that lol, they better effing sing this time!!!

the characters have got me hooked, and personally, I like the story without the heaps of fanservice, oh, and the girls dont look freakishly tall for their age anymore 😀

btw, the “Gun shining girl” is Mana ^^;

i really like the character deisgns there is summink for every1! but there are so many i keep on forgetting the characters, i like it its pretty gd, awsum animation…i hav a ferret as well so this anime definately endears itself to me!

I really, really like this anime, its one of my favorites I always do every thing to watch every episodes thought… I like every thing about this anime, I hope it will never end…

My ToP 3
1. Nodoka
2. Konoka
3. Asuna

Thank you all… Good bye… 🙂

if you read the manga version first hand, please dont ever ever eeeeveeer watch the anime version (1st season, 2nd season), seriously total dissapointment except for ala alba, after downloading 6gb+ and watch it (my eeeyes my poor eeeyeeess), it bring tears to my eyes… not because its good but because its horrible to the point i had to choke myself and fainted, immediately after that i simply push the “delete” button

good riddance

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