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Anime Calendars – Disgaea, Samurai Champloo, DiGi Charat and Juvenile Orion

Di Gi Charat Calendar.jpg

Just recently, Broccoli Books sent me a bunch of anime calendars to review. I don’t typically review calendars on my blog, but these ones are anime themed! I got two wall calendars: Disgaea and Samurai Champloo. I also got two desk calendars: DiGi Charat and Juvenile Orion.

I guess I’ll just go through each and give my opinion on the quality/etc of the calendars.


Disgaea January.jpg

First off, these pictures are blurry because I suck at taking pictures, not because the calendars are blurry. The Disgaea calendar is pretty cool. And I’m not just saying that because I love Disgaea! Whoever designed this calendar obviously knows who the fans like. February is dedicated to everyone’s favorite loli demon, Etna! There are also profiles for Flonne, Laharl, the Prinnies and Chu-Boss.

Disgaea February.jpg

Not much else to say, I guess, it tells you what day it is…

Samurai Champloo

Samurai Champloo January.jpg

Now, I have to admit that I never actually saw Samurai Champloo. I thought it was what Samurai use before Samurai Chonditioner. Yuk yuk yuk! Anyway, the art in this calendar is pretty cool. I mean, Samurai are almost ninjas, which are awesome! I might have to check this anime out sometime.

Samurai Champloo October.jpg

Digi Charat

Di Gi Charat Calendar.jpg

Everyone likes DiGi Charat, right? This is a desk calendar, which means it just sits on your desk in case you forget which day it is. The cool part about these desk calendars is that the art parts are perforated and you can tear them out to use as postcards. They even have the place for stamps and whatnot.

Di Gi Charat January.jpg
Di Gi Charat March.jpg

If I had any room on my desk at all, I would totally consider putting this calendar on it. Maybe it’s time for some fall cleaning?

Juvenile Orion

Juvenile Orion Calendar.jpg

Juvenile Orion is another anime that I’ve never heard of. I’m not sure that I want to see it though, as it appears to feature a ton of bishies. This one’s like the DiGi Charat one; you can tear out the art to send as postcards. Or just keep them to yourself. Who sends postcards these days anyway?

Juvenile Orion February.jpg
Juvenile Orion August.jpg

Having stated my disapproval of hot guys, I still think the art looks cool, especially August, which was drawn by Koge Donbo. There’s a bunch of different artists featured on this calendar, like Kanan, Aya Shouoto, and PEACH-PIT.

I’m not a really big calendar type of guy, but these are pretty cool. I mean, c’mon, you can use them to display your love of anime and know what day of the week it is. I’d totally put these up at work. If I had a job.

Many thanks to Broccoli Books for sending me the sample calendars. The calendars are available now, so get them before 2007 actually starts!

13 replies on “Anime Calendars – Disgaea, Samurai Champloo, DiGi Charat and Juvenile Orion”

That sealed the deal. XD I’m definitely getting both DiGi Charat and Disgaea calendar.

Wished they would get some more GA stuff. Would love to see GA Calendar someday in the future.

Yeah, Galaxy Angel is pretty sweet. And by sweet I mean totally awesome.

That reminds me, I gotta watch the Galaxy Angel~lune or whatever it’s called.

Samurai Champloo is one of the best historical fiction series I can think to date. I can’t think of another series that can meet it at it’s level.

To that end, I may buy that SC calendar to complement the SC wallscroll I have~ :p

“…I can think to date.”

Heh. “I can think of to date.” would be what I ment to say… Maybe I should even add some concrete-sounding phrase like, “Bar none.” to it while I’m here~

“How come they send you stuff to review?”

“I may buy that SC calendar…”

That’s why~

Bingo! (Not that I would say they were awesome if they were in fact unawesome… That’s why I disclose the fact that they send ’em to me)

Whoa nice. I wouldn’t mind that champloo one. Like stated above, it’s a good show. The fight scenes are fluid… and there’s hip hop. I mean come on, enough said.

Your Samurai Conditioner bit was funny till you yuk’ed at your own joke. Just kidding!

I saw Samurai Champloo English dub. It’s a good series. Some nice animation scenes though occasionaly it lacked (like most series). The opening and ending songs as well as the background music are very good. No bishonen so your safe in that manner. The style is the best part of it.

I have the 2006 desktop calendar of Juvenile Orion in my room. Couldn’t resist the bishie despite the fact that I have no interest in the manga whatsoever. I believe an anime was not ever done for the Juvenile Orion series yet I may be wrong.

Totally agree about the desk space thing. I’d do it if I had space.

I smell ‘CONTEST’ You should have a drawing for all the ones you don’t want (I know the Disgaea one is not an option. But the others you seem iffy on keeping.) Just a thought.

Yeah SC was great. I like the Hip-Hop Feudal fusion. It totally goes along the lines of Champloo (which is an Okinawan word “chanpurÅ«” (e.g. goya champuru), that means to mix or blend.)

SC is one of the top 10 all-time anime, in terms of artistic quality. The soundtrack is particularly good, the animation is top-notch, the characterizations are actually creative, and the plot development is like a movie version of Route 66. It ends poorly, however.

My understanding is that champuru means something like goulash.

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