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Kin-Iro No Chord – Anime First Impressions

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Kin-Iro no Chord is the long awaited anime about band! As a band nerd, I pretty much have to watch this and enjoy it. So does the anime end up looking sharp or falling flat (ugh!)?

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Hino Kahoko is a student at Hoshisou High School. This particular school has normal classes as well as special music classes. Since Hino can’t play an instrument, she’s just a regular student. Like most anime protagonists, Hino ends up running late to school. She stops at the school’s fairy statue, and sees the school’s Shotacon fairy. Since she’s able to see the fairy, it whips up some magic and rings the school bells. This is the sign that some kind of music contest is about to start.

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Later on, an announcement is made for the contestants of the contest. Apparently, you need to have really colorful hair to participate… Hino is also chosen, along with some hot guys and a cute/shy clarinet player. That fairy thing shows up again and gives Hino a magical violin. Apparently, she’ll be able to play it really well even though she doesn’t have any musical training. At the end of the episode, Hino saves hot clarinet girl from bullies. But the bullies want Hino to play the violin! It’s time for a good old fashioned violin war!

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The story hints that Hino and the tsuntsun blue-haired violinist will hook up. I really think she should get with the trumpet player, because trumpet players are way cool. The musical aspect of the anime hasn’t really shown itself yet. I really want this anime to be the equivalent of Yakitate for music. Like the trumpet player will have to play a really high note on a deep mouthpiece, and he’ll use some kind of weird embouchure to pull it off!

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The character designs are fairly good. I’d prefer hot girls to hot guys in anime, but whatever. They made the trumpet player all laid back and cool, which is pretty close to real life. Also, the clarinet player is hot! The shota fairy kind of gives me the creeps.

The animation is decent. There’s not very much action, but at least the characters hold their instruments correctly (as far as I can tell). Trumpet guy has a weird tilt, but he’s probably just trying to look cool. Also, the super deformed part was pretty entertaining.

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An anime about music should really have a good OP and ED. The OP for Kin Iro no Chord is okay. It’s a little slow and engrishy, but it’s not bad. Actually, I should say it’s better because of the Engrish. The ED is a little too guy heavy for me. And the guys sing really girly. In unison. I say pass on the ED.

Download the OP: “Brand New Breeze” by Kanon
Download the ED: “CRESCENDO” by Stella Quintet

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It’s probably too early to say whether Kin Iro no Chord will end up being good or bad. I really like the fact that it’s an anime about band, but on the other hand, it’s a reverse harem. And I don’t like dude-centric anime. If the musical aspect overcomes the bishie factor, I may keep watching this.

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16 replies on “Kin-Iro No Chord – Anime First Impressions”

>>> If the musical aspect overcomes the bishie factor, I may keep watching this.

If it does, please let us know, so I may give this series a second chance.

Save your strength for when a real series about college students and classical music starts, in other words, you’re better off watching the adaptation of Nodame Cantabille somewhere next year (Winter season, perhaps?).

Kin-Iro No Chord is an anime based on a Neoromance game (love simulation game for girls), much like Harukanaru Toki no Naka De and Koi Suru Tenshi Angelique ~ Kokoro no Mezameru Toki ~ (this one finished a couple days ago). They are basically reverse harems and all guys must fit some kind of stereotype and have different colors of hair.

The music factor will never overcome the bishie factor, that’s for sure.

according from the manga, the story is actually talking abt a music far there is no band in the story. it’s either solo or duet. Besides, when you talking abt special music class, violin, flute, cello…….the music will be very much on classical genre. don expect any pop stuff.that’s PROBABLY for sure(manga doesn’t play the music)

Hmmmm, I was looking forward to it becuase the manga isn’t half bad -plus it’s from shoujo beat-… but the anime doesn’t look so spectacular. I’d rather have Nodame Cantabile like MaxDOL.

Nodame Cantabile is one of my favorite manga series, for I am also an aspiring part-time conductor. What I am worried is that, the manga series really goes heavy into various nuances in interpretation plus Nodame has to play some serious impromtus and new compositions. I cannot imagine that show to succeed without investing 2/3 of its money on music research, performance, and recording, for the pillar of the series is about this genius conductor’s relation with a wild pianist for he can hear the potential behind her crazy but fascinating interpretation, something that only hardcore classical music listeners would be drawn to. Thousands of musicians in Korea and Japan, who are also the fan of the manga series, will be giving Nodame Cantabile anime series some serious attentions, and I fear that bar of music quality the anime series must hurdle to satisfy these hardcore fans may be impossibly high.

Hmm, I really like the OP “Brand New Breeze”. Can’t find it anywhere and am bummed the link provided in this blog is apparently off-line. 🙁

The show has potential so will at least stay with it for a couple more episodes – assuming the fansubbers do of course, still waiting for EP 2 to be released.

The only thing i don’t like about this series is the 99% possibility that Hino is gonna end up with Len…xp

the music is really soothing…real laid back the music is mainly well known stuff and my focus is half and half…the story is ok

Ryou is my fav charac at the moment…not much people seem to like him or w/e

Ok I’m a girl and I can tell when guys are talking about this anime. Personally no woman should complain about the bishi boys. To many animes are harmens with one man and a WHOLE Bunch of women with huge boobs and jagged personalities. I’m actually pleased to see a few somewhat attractive male charaters for once and although I’d prefer to see them in an anime that wasn’t focused on a wild theme and a harmen of romances I do like the guys it better than nothing.
Also lets be honest people… everyone knows this show has little to nothing to do with music… It’s about the struggle of a girl to find and understand what’s really in her heart and for her to accept new friendships. It’s about perseverance and never giving up on a dream. All this interlaced with romance. I got all that out of the first two episodes. (I’ve only seen the first to episodes and I’m 99.999% accurate that’s the whole story’s corse.)
You should never exspect an anime based on a video game to be anything serious. So to you people out there that where thining it would be about music… how gullable are you exsactly?
(I love classical music but come on… who want to see an anime about music composention anyway… I prefer my anime to be filled with depth, emotion, pain, greif, feeling, and kick butt action if possiable… like Code Geass or Something… cool.

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