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Chokotto Sister – Anime First Impressions

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Chokotto Sister is the siscon anime of the year! Actually, it might be the only siscon anime of the year. So make sure your imouto isn’t in the room (otherwise she’ll say something like “onii-chan no ecchi!), and check out my first impressions!

Chokotto Sister 01Chokotto Sister 02Chokotto Sister 03Chokotto Sister 04Chokotto Sister 05Chokotto Sister 06Chokotto Sister 07Chokotto Sister 08Chokotto Sister 09

Chokotto Sister is the siscon anime of the year! Actually, it might be the only siscon anime of the year. So make sure your imouto isn’t in the room (otherwise she’ll say something like “onii-chan no ecchi!), and check out my first impressions!

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Kawagoe Haruma is a guy who always wanted a little sister. His mom was pregnant with one, but I guess she lost it. Awww, kanashii! He asked Santa Claus for his mom to get well, plus a little sister. Fast forward a few years to Christmas. Santa (who happens to be a yankee biker chick) finally delivers the goods: an imouto!

At first, Haruma is “WTF?” It doesn’t take him very long to be convinced by the cuteness of his new sis. He then has to go about naming her (“Choco,” like Chocolate?) and buying her girls clothes. Tradgedy strikes, though! Well, she gets lost and he finds her. Then he proposes to gives her the present that was meant for the hot french girl and Choco gives him a kiss! Aww, how sweet!

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This first episode kinda felt to me like that anime, Chobits. You know, with Hideki getting Chii and having to buy her underwear and stuff? Not that the resemblance is a bad thing… Luckily Haruma didn’t have to push anything to turn Choco on…

I’m seriously confused by this anime. It should be either a heartwarming tale of two siblings (like Binbou Shimai Monogatari) or somewhat ecchi (like Magikano). I think it’s trying to be both, yet something tells me that won’t work.

Is Haruma supposed to lust over his sister or go all moe!? Shots like this (+ naked apron!!!)suggest the former while shots like this suggest the latter. What kind of person is this anime catering to?! Either way, I’d find the show pretty enjoyable, but they gotta decide! I think they need to get a blood test done to see if they’re actually related…

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The character designs are pretty well done for this anime. All of the characters, even minor ones like the department store clerk, were pretty well drawn. Choco is too too cute. I also like the meganekko who has yet to appear in the anime. The animation was quality, too. No complaints here.

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The OP and ED are done by the same artist, Harenchi Punch. I don’t care too much for either. The OP is just too busy and the ED is too techno-y. There’s a cute dance sequence in both, but what can I say, I’ve been spoiled by The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Download the OP: “Doki! Doki! My Sister Soul” by Harenchi Punch
Download the ED: “Neko-nyan Dance” by Harenchi Punch

I really like this anime. Choco is really cute, and that’s probably enough by itself to keep me watching. I just wish they’d decide which angle to work. If they try both, I just end up feeling like a pervert watching this anime! And um, I’m not… am I?

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Eh, I’d say it’s siscon if the GUY has it for the girl… and neither of them seem to feel that way about one another, so I wouldn’t call this siscon – unless you’re Stripey and you’re hoping they get together. And yes, the anime SHOULD remind you of Chobits – it’s the same concept, in a way – a college guy gets a new life dumped on him, and he has to educate her about the world about her… but with a bit less ecchi.

Incidentally, the name ‘Choko’ comes from ‘Anchoko’ or study guide; he named her that because she’s always consulting the cram book she has in the manga regarding situations and things she should know… at least, things he hasn’t told her yet. And, unlike Chobits, they don’t seem to have that Da Capo feel – she’s really attached to him, but that’s because he’s pretty much the only figure in the world who she knows, and she clings to him because he IS Onii-chan… and that’s what the book says sisters should do.

Incidentally, the only reason she’s related to him is because Santa made him a little sister (the one who he wished for when he was like 10), because his mother was going to have one… and then something happened, which left him without a sister or a mother who could make new ones. But Santa notes that it took about 7-8 years to put together the new sister because, unlike a toy, it’s not exactly a simple job that one can do by pulling together the contents of a kit.

The manga goes a bit in both directions, but the Chobits analogy’s the most apt – there are some ecchi scenes, mostly because she doesnt’ realize what’s improper or else his neighbor pulls a Haruhi on his landlady (costume-rape and random fondling), but they don’t try to do the Siscon/Sister Princess/Da Capo thing in the manga… and something tells me the anime wont’ do it either. Thankfully.

We’ll see how this goes, but I’m honestly looking forward to seeing who does this series – as a manga goes, it alternates between the sweet and the ecchi (the landlady being the target, given her.. ah… ample chest), although it does tweak the siscons in the audience a little.

In the anime, when he gives her a name, he says “Choko” is after “anchoko,” which apparently means crib notes, like the little pink instruction book she always has with her. “Chokotto,” as in the name of the show, apparently means “a little,” like “chotto.”

@Haesslich & hashimhime:
Ah, thanks for the explanation! I guess I was spacing out when that part came on! I think I understood the rest of the episode pretty well though, which means this anime’ll be good for raw viewing!

I dont mind bro x sis stuff as long as its like Da Capo or Marmalade Boy, theyre not related, they were living together therefore they fell in love and its okay for them to get it on. Haven’t watched this year though will check it out tomorrow

>>Luckily Haruma didn’t have to push anything to turn Choco on…

LOL! I was half expecting a Chii-esque powering up of Choko. :p The pseudo-magical awakening was nicely done. 🙂

Stripey: I see they’ve got your Siscon certification ready at the office. 😉

Incidentally, I highly recommend the manga – it’s a bit ecchi, especially in the first volume, but it’s quite well done, and is less.. ah… provoking than Da Capo is, or even Canvas2, for that matter, at least IMO.

Thank the gods I just read the end of Vol 4 of the manga – otherwise I’d never have understood part of the OP sequence. 😀 It looks like this’ll be an… interesting adaptation.

This series looks better than I expected. Looking forward to this show. However, the mp3s of the OP and ED are giving me “No information available” and the other animes too…What’s up with that?

Hmmm. People keep telling me they can’t download the MP3s, but I’ve always been able to. Are you behind a proxy? That might be the problem.

Answering the question: “is Choco actually the sister of Haruma?” I would say: yes, she is! When Haruma asks why the “christmas gift” arrived so late, the woman-Santa Claus answers: “because it’s not easy: she is not an android; she is a TRUE little sister. This kind of gift requires a long time”. So, it´s suggested (although we are in a fantasy world) that a complex technology was used. Probably, an alive cell of the mischarged baby who would be Haruma”s sister was taken and a clone (or if you prefer, a twin) of that baby was developped “in vitro”. That means: she is genetically a daughter of Haruma’s parents and is genetically his sister. Also, she probably have the same age that the “original” baby would have. She was trained to be Haruma´s little sister and to love him. Of course, Haruma is surprised and, also, enchanted. She is a real, beautiful and sweet little girl. Those guys who have a little sister (like me) could easily understand this enchantment. (Sorry for my poor english).

Of course the correct word is “miscarried” and not “mischarged”. Sorry, I am Brazilian and I use to speak portuguese…

I agree with Mr. Elias. Choco is actually the sister of Haruma. I don’t know if she’s a clone, but Ms. Santa Claus said that she’s a gift given by God. Of course, God would not spend so many time just to delude Haruma, so she is really his sister. Haruma is like my big brother: he is shy, sometimes stooge, but very nice, polite and honest: a gentleman. I love my big brother and I know he loves me too.
Please do not speak about incest, let siblings love with tenderness, without sex. I’m sure this is the case of Choco and Haruma.

The first time I laid eye on this anime, I was like cool an anime baout a guy getting a sister,the intro certainly do remind me of chobits…But the cuteness of Choco and the relationship between Haruma is the type of sibiling love I never experience in real life. I heard that this anime got canned in Japan, seem they havent release episode 13 in ages..I really hope thats not true…otherwise I will have to resort to reading manga…

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